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because it is in a semi molten

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what makes the mantle unique

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Q: What makes the mantle of the earth core unique?
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Between the crust and the core what makes up most of earth's material?


What is the thick rocky layer around earths core?

The core of the earth is surrounded by the mantle.The earth's core is called the inner core. Just outside that is the outer core, and it is liquid. Outside the liquid outer core is the mantle.

What is the earth's soft middle layer?

The mantle. Earth's layers are core, outer core, mantle.

Which is thicker the earth's mantle or the outer core?

earth's mantle

What is the central part of Earth below the mantle?

The layers of the Earth go as such: Crust --> Mantle --> Outer Core --> Inner Core

What are the 3 main layers of the earth?


What Earth layers make up the most percentage of earths mass?

The mantle and core make up the most percentage of Earth's mass. The mantle is the thickest layer and accounts for about 84% of Earth's total volume, while the core makes up about 32.5% of Earth's total mass.

What is the layer of the earth above the core called?

The layer of the Earth above the core is called the mantle. It is located between the core and the Earth's crust. The mantle is composed of hot, semi-solid rock.

What does the crust include?

The Earth's crust includes everything we know ON EARTH except for the Mantle, and core, and the elements of the mantle, and core.

What are the parts of earth called?

The Earth's layers are Crust, Outer Mantle, Inner Mantle, Outer Core, Inner Core.

What material makes up earth's inner core outer core and mantle?

the inner core is made up of solid iron, the outer core is made out of molten metal, and the mantle is made up of solid it feels like Jello.

What causes convection currents it the mantle?

Heat from the core and the mantle itself causes convection currents in earth's mantle.