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Your bones

There are gases that build up between your vertebrae. When you "pop" your back the noise you hear is the gases being released.

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Q: What makes the noise when you crack your back?
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What makes the cracking noise when you crack you knuckles?

Gases that are trapped in between your knuckles

When you crack your knuckles or neck what is it that cracks?

Your joints are releasing the synovial fluid and makes a cracking noise.

What makes a clunking noise in the back of the car?


What is the noise when you pop your knuckles?


Why does your back crack when you bend over?

because if you are standing up for a long time your vertebre' kinda settle in then when you bend over it starts stretching that cartilidge stuff in between your vertebre' and it becomes "unsettled" and it makes a cracking noise.

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you can crack your back by bending your arms to your back from the sides, and in the middle of your back with your two fists push and it should crack

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Why does the back crack?

Inside your spine is what is known as "spinal fluid." Small, empty pockets, much like bubbles, only with nothing in them, form occasionally in this fluid. When the pocket ruptures, it makes a noise from the sound of the fluid rushing in to fill the void.

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