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Multiple things. * The size of the horns opening * The length of the horn * The angle of the horn opening * The mouthpiece type/size/opening/angle * The pressure applied when blowing the horn

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Q: What makes the sound of horns different?
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Cows are divided into BREEDS, not species. And what makes each BREED of cows different is colouration, body type and shape, presence of horns or not, and size of horns.

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Before valves were introduced to horns, the sound they made was framed by human lips and was called a "recheat". Someone else needs to add the word for the sound a horn today.

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NO there are not any animals with blue horns now yellow horns that's a different story.....

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NO there are not any animals with blue horns now yellow horns that's a different story.....

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yes, there are different wraps, different bores, different metals, different bell sizes, single, double and triple horns, and all horns have a different feel to them

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What is a rhinoceros horns made of?

The horns of a rhinoceros are made of keratin, the same type of protein that makes up hair and fingernails.

They make a totally different sound than any other animal.?

A loon makes a very interesting and beautiful sound.

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Train horns are used as a warning sign. Each different type of warning requires a different sequence of sound by the horn. The train horn can be used to signal things such as an upcoming intersection, upcoming train station, initiation of movement, change of direction, and warn pedestrians of the train's presence.