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Q: What makes underwater vessels unique?
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What are underwater vessels?


What are the three technologies for studying the ocean floor?

Alvin, Sonar , and underwater vessels

Do fish have any unique abilities?

The main unique ability of fish is that they can breath and live underwater.

What makes person unique?

There is nothing that makes any individual unique.

What enchantment will help you breathe underwater in minecraft?

The enchantment, Respiration, will help you breathe underwater. Not only that, but it makes your vision clearer while swimming underwater.

How do you describe what makes you unique?

what makes you unique is your own personality its what you do to make your self special

What makes the boreal forest unique?

It's plants, animals, and weather makes it unique

What percentage of DNA that makes us unique?

Approximately 0.1% of our DNA is responsible for the uniqueness we observe among individuals. This variation accounts for differences in physical traits, susceptibility to diseases, and other characteristics that set us apart from one another.

What makes a habitat unique?

it makes it unique because it is only for a sertain animal and will survive for that animal only What makes a habitat unique, is the animal that resides there. The habitat makes it possible for that organism to survive and thrive.

In Washington State all motor-propelled vessels must be equipped with what equipment?

In Washington State, all motor-propelled vessels must be equipped with An effective muffler or underwater exhaust system.

What is unique about Angola Africa?

what makes angola unique

What makes a Portuguese man-of war unique?

What makes a portugese man of war unique is its shape