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Protein makes up enzymes, hair, and nails.

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Q: What makes up enzymes hair and fingernails?
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What is the name of protein that makes up hair?

Keratin is the protein that makes up hair. This protein also makes fingernails.

What kind of protein is found in hair?

Your hair is composed of the protein keratin, which is the same protein that makes up fingernails, feathers, claws and hooves.

What are fingernail made of?

Fingernails are made from a protein called "Keratin".

What is a rhinocoeros horn made out of?

The horns of a rhinoceros are made of keratin, the same type of protein that makes up hair and fingernails.

What substance is hair and fingernails made up of?

dead cells

What is hair made of and what is it?

Hair is made out of Keratin, the same substances that make up your fingernails.

What structures are made up of live tissue in the skin?

Fingernails and hair not completely sure but i know fingernails is right

What are fingernails and hair made of?

Hair and fingernails are made up of a type protein called keratin. This structural element is also a part of the make up of the outer layer of human skin.

What organs make up the integumentary system?

The skin, the hair, and your fingernails!:)skin,hair,and nails

What are fingernails made up of?

The same things as hair.(as far as I kno)

Carotene and keratin are same?

No. Carotene is a pigment. Beta-carotene is a form of Vitamin A. Keratin is a protein which makes up hair and fingernails.

What is a tough material that makes up an arthropods exoskeleton?

I believe that exoskeletons are made of the same material as our own fingernails and hair, just compacted together.