What makes urine hypertonic?

Updated: 10/10/2023
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More concentrated urine i.e. less water. This is caused by Increased ADH (anti-diuretic hormone) levels which cause more reabsorption in the kidney.

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salts and urea are two solutes that make urine hypertonic

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Q: What makes urine hypertonic?
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What molecule is reabsorbed from the collecting duct so that urine becomes hypertonic?


Is urine always hyper tonic to the blood plasma?

It depends. If the body is dehydrated, it will produce highly concentrated (hypertonic) urine in order to conserve water from the blood stream. If your blood is hypotonic (contains excess water), then the kidneys will release hypotonic urine, to reduce the amount of water in the blood. Therefore, if you are dehydrated, the urine is considered hypertonic to the blood. If not, the urine is hypotonic to the blood.

What makes a solution with nacl be hypertonic?

A solution with a concentration of NaCl higher than 9 g/L is hypertonic.

What type of solute makes cell shrinks?

Hypertonic solution.

Is TPN a hypertonic solution?


Does celery stay fresher in hypotonic water or hypertonic water?

Distilled water is hypotonic, which makes the celery fresher. NaCl solution is hypertonic to the celery cells making them limp.

What are the examples of hypertonic solutions with their effects?

Saline solution with a highter concentration the 0.9% are hypertonic as are soutions that contain 10% dextrose. Combinations of hypertonic solutions are 0.9% NACl with 5% Dextrose or higher. These solutions when given IV will draw fluid out of the cells or intersticial tissues and into the blood stream then ideally will be forced through the kidneys into the urine for evacuation. If a person has overhydration, or edema a hypertonic solution may be used to draw it out.

A cell is dropped into a solution and the cell swells the solution is?

hypertonic hypertonic

Is albumin hypertonic?


What refers to a solution with more molecules outside the cell than inside the cell?

hypertonic solution

Are saltwater fish hypotonic or hypertonic?


Is 10gdL of NaCl hypertonic in blood?

It is hypertonic.