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What makes you prompt to scratch an itch?

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It shuts off the part oif the brain linked with bad thoughts and memories

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What makes your cats scratch?

An itch.

Do you scratch an itch or do you itch an itch?

You scratch an itch! An itch itches. You scratch an itch to remove the pain.

What makes the bottoms of your feet itch and the more you scratch the more they itch?

Cause it feels good!

What itches are caused by?

An itch is something that makes you want to scratch

When was Scratch That Itch created?

Scratch That Itch was created in 1990.

Do you scratch an itch or do you itch a scratch?

The act of agitating the skin as to relieve a sensation or irritation is called scratching. Thusly, you would need to "scratch an itch". It is physically impossible to "itch a scratch", no matter how hard you try.

Why do people say itch a scratch?

Because itch and scratch go hand in hand and everyone gets scratching an itch confused with itching a scratch.

What do you do if you have an itch?

you scratch it.

What you do to an itch?


How do you cure an itch?


How do you relieve an itch?

Scratch it.

Why do puppies scratch?

For the same reason people scratch. They have an itch.

What if you have a scratch do you itch it?

If you have an itch, it is all right to scratch it unless it is a bite, or a rash. Scratching rashes and bites can lead to infections.

How do you scratch an itch?

wit sweg

What do you have if you itch on your stomach or back?

Scratch it! :)

How do you stop vaginal itch?

Scratch it!

Why do apes scratch?

because they itch.

Can you give a sentence using the word scratch?

It is entirely natural to scratch an itch. This DVD has a scratch in it.

Is itch an appropriate word to use instead of scratch like someone saying itch my back?

NO. You have an itch so to relieve it you scratch it. To say someone should itch your back when you mean he or she should scratch it because it itches, is just as silly as asking another person to sit on your haunches.

Why does a cats scratch itch?

Cat scratches can itch for a variety of reasons, one being that the scratch is in the healing phase. If the cat scratch happened more recently, it could be infected.

Why does it feel so good to scratch an itch?

Because it distracts your brain from the itch.

What does an itch feel like when you scratch it?

You you scratch an itch, it may either feel ticklish or you may feel pain.

How do you stop the itch after cutting back pampas grass?

Scratch the area affected by the itch.

Is it bad to scratch your breasts when they itch?

Usually not.

Do yeast infections itch?

only if you scratch it