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Love is always stronger than hate. Hatred is a negative emotion that uses a lot of energy and worry. Love is a positive emotion that gives out energy and grows the more you use it. The more you love, the more you can love and the deeper you can love. The more you hate, the worse you feel.

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Q: What makes you stronger love or hate?
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Is Love Stronger or Hate?

I think Hate..When someone break your trust whom you used to love, then suddenly you start hating him/her..Once you hate someone, you can't be love him/her again..and some nature of him/her may help to hate him/her more!

Is there a disease that makes you feel stronger but die early?


Can someone fell in love with their enemy?

Yes, after all Romeo fell in love with Juliet. Love does not care for hate, and love is 100 million times stronger than hate too. If you hate someone for any reason, there is more than likely to be a reason to love them as well. I say fall in love with an enemy, because its so much more fun and nicer to be in love than in hate.

Is love stronger then hate?

It depends what type of person you are inn the first place. Plus sometimes you could be mixing the two up. I think that love and hate can be pretty much the same thing.

Hate myself for loving you?

you shouldn't hate yourself for loving someone. love is a beautiful feeling never hate yourself it makes you feel confident.

What makes a person invisible to another person?

Love,friendship,popularity, jealousy, and or hate ...... but a lot of times just love

What is stronger sprung or love?

love is stronger

Why is hate stronger than love?

because hate means you really don't like that person they have done something to you that is unforgivable you can't even look at them with out thinking about what they did. Hate means a person caused you so much pain and tears and heart break that you couldn't bear it and now you can't get passed what they did. That's why hates such a strong word well it is when using it properly some people just mean don't like and choose to go with the word hate.

Why did Cupid hit people with arrows?

When Cupid hits someone with a gold-tipped arrow, he makes them fall in love. When he hits them with a lead-tipped arrow, he makes them hate love.

When a negative number is subtracted from a positive number a positive a negative number or a zero explain and give an example?

LOVE to HATE = Hate (Negative)LOVE to LOVE = Love (Positive)HATE to HATE = Hate (Negative)HATE to LOVE = Hate (Negative)HATE is a NEGATIVE numberLOVE is a POSITIVE number

What is the antonym of love?

The opposite of love "love" as a noun is hatred and as a verb is hate.

Is it possible to love to hate if you hate to love?