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The molecular mass of iron III nitrate is 241.86g/mol. Mass divided by molecular weight gives moles, which is 0.02481 moles (6/241.86)

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What is the pH of FeNO33?

The pH of ferric nitrate solution is acidic.

Will a precipitate form when NH3 and FeNO33 are mixed?

The reaction of NH3 and Fe(NO3)3 takes place in water, so NH3 becomes NH4OH. From there, the precipitate that forms is F(OH)3 (s).

What is the name for the compound FeNO33?

Fe(NO3)3 = Iron III nitrate or ferric nitrate.

Stock system names for these elements 1- K2CO3 2- NH4NO3 3- NiClO3 4- PbOH2 5- MgNO32 6- CoClO33 7- FeSO4 8- AgNO3 9- FeNO33 10- Na3PO4?

Answer1) Potassium Carbonate2) Ammonium Nitrate3)Nickle Chlorate4) Lead(II)Hydroxide5)Magnesium Nitrate6)Cobalt(III) Chlorate7)Ferric Chlorate8)Silver Nitrate9)Ferric Nitrate10) Sodium Phosphate

What requires a chemical reaction to form?

A product, by definition a product is produced by a chemical reaction.

What is a chemical reaction where energy is reactant?

A chemical reaction that uses energy as a reactant or a reaction that requires an input of energy is an endothermic reaction.

When liquid becomes a water vapor is that a chemical reaction?

no. chemical reaction requires a new substance to be created

What kind of reaction energy that requires energy in the form of heat?

chemical reaction energy requires energy in the form of heat.

What is it endothermic?

It is a chemical reaction which requires heat - possibly from the environment - to proceed.

What is the chemical process of creating alcohol requires?

The chemical reaction for the industrial preparation is:C2H4 + H2O = C2H5OH

Wood is flammable physical or chemical?

Chemical: flammability requires a chemical reaction to occur in the presence of oxygen at a sufficiently high temperature.

What is another name for light dependent reations of photosynthesis?

The exergonic reaction is a chemical reaction that releases energy (photosynthesis). The product of light dependant reactions is called endergonic reaction. It is a chemical reaction that requires energy.

What is activation enery?

Activation energy is the amount of energy that a chemical reaction requires to occur.

What is caused by chemical reaction of iron and oxygen?

The formation of iron oxides is caused by chemical reaction of iron and oxygen. Note, it is not rusting; rusting also requires the presence of water.

Oxygen in the blood why?

The chemical energy needed to drive all the chemical processes of the human body is obtained by an oxidation reaction that requires oxygen.

Is endothermic a chemical reaction that gives off energy?

No. Endothermic means that it takes in heat, requires heat.

Is rust a physical are chemical?

physical or chemical what?? if physical reaction or chemical reaction, then chemical reaction is the answer.

Each of the four types of reaction stoichiometry problems requires using a?

If one knows the mole ratio of a reactant and product in a chemical reaction one can

What statement best explain the role of a catalyst in a chemical reaction?

A catalyst provides an alternate reaction path-way that requires less activation energy.

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