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Q: What material are fluffy socks made of?
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Why are socks made out of wool?

They are made out of wool for the strectchyness and the comfort of the material!

What material are socks made of?

Wool, or cotton, or acrylic, or a mixture of those.

Are there special socks for playing sports?

There are sport socks, which are made of a more breathable material and are thinner so as not to overheat your foot.

What is the message Bob Marley spread in America?

Eat Cheese and wear fluffy socks

Are yoga socks opened toed socks?

"Yes, yoga socks are open toed socks. They are made open toed so that is easier for a person to grip their mat with their toes. Most yoga socks also have anti-slip material on the bottom of the sock to prevent sliding."

What kind of socks would go with running shoes?

Your best bet for running socks would be socks specifically made for running with a cool fit or 'dri fit' material. It whisks away sweat from you foot and keeps them comfortable and cool.

What is the best material for socks to be made of to keep feet warm in cold weather?

The best material to make socks out of to keep feet warm in cold weather is wool. Wool is very thick and that makes it possible for it to hold in the body heat and keep the cold out.

What do the bowler's wear in rounders?

i dont know u tell me

If you were to be another person for a day who would it be and why?

Me with diffrent socks....? yes, those funny one's, or maybe fluffy pink ones....

What types of socks are made by Converse?

Types of socks made by Converse include Chuck No-Show Socks, Side Stripe Socks and Arch Striped Socks. You can purchase Converse socks online from retailers such as Zappos and Amazon.

Which material would be most suitable for socks?

Socks are usually knitted from cotton or wool yarns, depending on the purpose.

Is cotton candy two words or three words?

Two words. Cotton is a material clothing is made out of, a soft fluffy material. Candy is a sweet sugary treat. The two combined at a nice carnival snack!