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Most of Degas's work was in oil paint.

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From about 1880 Degas concentrated on pastel.

He also experimented with etchings, lithographs and monotypes.

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Q: What material did Edgar Degas use for his art work?
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When did Edgar Degas produce his art work?

From 1854 until 1917.

What art movement did Edgar degas associate with?

Edgar degas called himself a realist, but as his eyesight got worst his art style became more impressionistic.

What kind of art Edgar degas does?


How did Edgar degas get involved in art?

Because he loves art

What messages or meanings does Edgar Degas' work have in it?

Do yourself a favor: enjoy art instead of complicating it.

What was Edgar Degas' period of art?

He was one of the impressionists.

How did Edgar Degas influence others?

he did amazing art.

What was Edgar degas' influence?

Edgar degas' influences included his mentor, edouard Manet, as well as English and japenese art.

What art school did Edgar Degas go to as a child?

he went to art college

Edgar degas is considered the founder of what style of art?


Does Edgar Degas have a wife?

No, he said art was his only love.

How valuable is a painting by Edgar Degas from the Academie of Fine Art in France?

There is no way of assessing the value of a work of art until it is up for sale.

What was Edgar degas main subject matter style of art?

Edgar Degas mainly painted horses and ballerinas, along with Paraisian bars and nightclubs.

Who would buy Edgar Degas's paintings?

Anybody interested in art.

What type of art did Edgar Degas make?

paintings, drawings and sculptures

Did Edgar Degas like school?

yes he did and because of he loved art and everthing about art and school

What was Edgar Degas first painting?

Something he did in art school, now forgotten.

French impressionist that became a lawyer after disillusioned with the beliefs at his art school?

Edgar Degas

What art school did Edgar Degas go to?

Ecole de Beaux-Arts in Paris.

What country did Edgar Degas live in?

Edgar Degas lived most of his life in France; he was born in Paris and died in Paris. In his twenties, his spent three years studying art in Italy.

Where did Edgar Degas study art?

Edgar Degas was an artist in the 19th century, who worked most notably with the subject of dance and dancers. He first studied art at Ecole des Beaux-Arts, under the tutelage of Louis Lamothe. It is often mentioned that Degas was heavily influenced by Manet.

What elements of art did Edgar Degas use?

I think he used texture and space :) hope that helps :)

What kind of major art work did Edgar Degas do?

He is famous for his studies of ballet dancers in rehearsal and on stage.Several portraits of his relatives, best known is The Bellelli Family.

If Edgar Degas and Andy Warhol were to get together and paint what would their art style be called?

Pop Expressions

Edgar Degas was regarded as a founder of what type of art?

He was one of the important impressionists, but he was not the founder. Claude Monet was.