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What materials are needed to grow a plant?


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dirt with vermiculite seeds water and sunshine and most of all a person who will make sure water is given to a plant. also you can buy a grow kit that includes the above and also furnishes a grow light incase you don't have a sunny enough room to begin the germination process. if room allows you can try what i used to do; built a coold frame in your basement and fill frame with dirt about 2 inches from the top of the 2x6 boards then get a sheet of plastic put it over the diry in a tent style plant your seeds and about once a week let the dryer exhaust into the frame what this does is make a rain forest under the plastic with the grow light and humid air from the dryer . your seeds will germinate fast and by may 1st your tomatoes will be ready to plant outside with flowers on them and some green tomatoes. other plants you may be able to pick for the table, like peas and lettuce. try it if you can it's really fun and there's nothing more funny than sitting around with a few buddies drinking beer and watching the garden grow, wives don't think it's funny when you come home half drunk and explain to them what you were doing