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Oil Painting- Water Lillies

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In the painting Waterlilies what what kind of paint did Claude Monet use?

Claude Monet did a whole series of waterlily paintings and they are all done with oil paint.

What materials did Claude Monet use?

Claude Monet used media such as hammers, screwdrivers, wrenches, and drills to do his artwork.

Did Claude Monet use specific medias?

His favorite medium was oil paint.

What kind of medium did Claude Monet use?

Usually oil paint on canvas.

What type of brush strokes did Claude Monet use?

pressed and short strokes with lots of paint

Why did Claude Monet almost never use black paint?

Monet always thought that the color black was too dull to be used in paintings

What type of paint did Claude Monet use?

Claude Monet used poppyseed oil paints and he rarely used black paint instead he used very dark purple for shadows, night skies etc All pure colors except black.

What words should I use to describe Claude Monet?

He devised a new way of describing the world in paint: Impressionism.

What materials did claude monet use the most?

Oil PaintsCharcoalGood luck! If you need anything else just ask! :)

What media did Claude Monet use?

He is an impressionist artist.

Did Claude Monet use oil pastels?

no he did not use oil pastels!!!!!!!!!:@

How did Claude Monet use color?

He used natural colors.

What media did Monet use to paint?

Usually oil paint on canvas.

Claude Monet was the first artist to do what?

Use the impressionism art technique.

How did Claude Monet use colored pencils?

Claude Monet used colored pencils to mix shades and styles in his paintings. He often added colored pencil to increase light and change the structure of the painting.

Did Claude Monet use dull colors or bright colors?

He is an impressioist! Bright of course!

What brushstrokes did Claude Monet use?

He loved to use crappy brushstrokes when he painted and he loved to fart at night whene he had sex with his wife.

Why did Claude Monet use oil on canvas?

That has been the most common art medium since the 15th century.

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