What math does a botanist use?

Updated: 9/15/2023
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Square roots.

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Q: What math does a botanist use?
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Does a botanist use gills?

A botanist does not use gills

What do botanist use?

botanist use all different kinds of tools they use magnifine glassas microscopes and more sorry if this didnt help

What tools do a botanist use?

they use microscopes and other tools

Where can you get a job as a botanist?

The most important qualification needed to become a botanist is a love of plants. A botanist should also have a research background in biology, chemistry, math, agriculture, and biophysics. Graduate work is also required.

What does a botanist use?

A botanist uses magnifying devices such as hand lens, microscope and an easy asses to botanical literature, laboratory and computer etc

What was E.T. before he was stranded on earth?

A botanist A botanist

What is someone who work with plants called?

people who study plants are called botanist

Who studies plant?

A botanist, a person who undertakes the study of plants.

What types of equipment does a botanist use?

Magnifying glass,gloves,and a microscope

What term do Botanist's use in place of phylum when classifying plants?


How do you spell botanist?

Botanist is the correct spelling.

A famous female botanist that is still alive?

Anyone can be a botanist if they want to. So you are a botanist if you garden! So pretty much every women in the world is a botanist