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Math forms the foundation for information technology so there is a huge range of math problems that can be used in it, far too many to list.


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Calculaters are technology and they are used for math.

Math is used for solving arithmetic problems.

from all of the technology and when there is technology there has to be something in there that has to do with math like multiplication i think.

Math is used several different ways in technology. For instance, the Internet is based on a form of math called binary code(this is what all computers work on) Math in technology is used by grocery store owners to see which products are popular and which ones are not.

Yes, technology can solve problems. Unfortunately, if technology is not used wisely, it can also create problems.

A calculator is used often when figuring out math problems. They are used to do simple or complex math problems quickly and accurately.

You should stick with math, your grammar sucks

Hi, Information Technology is the technology is used to store, distribute and create the information and data. This technology processing on the data.

There is no way of knowing if new technology will solve world problems since we have no way of knowing what new technology is going to be developed, or for that matter, what world problems will exist at the time that technology is developed. It is possible that new technology will be used to solve world problems, and it is also possible that new technology will be used to make world problems worse. We will have to wait and see.

There are different procedures for different problems!

Modern technology has various problems. A lot of the problems arise from the idea that the technology can be used for the wrong reasons such as spying and terrorism.

"Information Technology" represents the superset of all types of technology that can be used to address the reception, transmission, manipulation, or storage of data and information. Therefore, an "Information System" is a type or form of "Information Technology." Another example of an Information Technology is a programming language.

An information technology director has many responsibilities such as the upkeep, maintenance, and security of all the technology used by his company. A daily routine may consist of coordinating, organizing and supervising staff and helping them when they run into problems. They also analyze and implement new technology as well as upgrade, maintain and analyze current technology.

In math problems, if you don't know a value.

Information technology involves developing, maintaining, and using computer systems. The development and use of software and networking are also encompassed in information technology. Information technology is often used to process and distribute data.

You can't.You don't solve math problems in boxing.You just choose where to punch him.

IT is short for information technology.

Relation is a term used in database technology.

information(all kinds!) is of vital importance to people, companies and the like. information technology is the technology that is used to transmit this information from one person/company to another.

it means it 'OF' taken from 'BODMAS'?.

Health Information Technology is not a mandate or is not a compulsion to be followed. However, there are certain incentives associated with adopting and properly using information technology in the field of health. Electronic Medical Records solution is a product used in health information technology, and the government has dedicated rewards if the EMR technology is used per Meaningful Use.

Information technology refers to the storage, transfer and retrieval of data. Communication technology refers to the technology used to communicate between people or devices. An example of communication technology would be the switches used by the telephone company to route calls.

Math is used in Marine Biology to solve the complex problems. It might be the complex chemical reactions which need to be balanced.

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