What math skills are used in soccer?

In real life soccer, at the fast pace, only one thing is used. Its estimating.

However, speed and velocity can be considered, like how much force a goalkeeper should exert to get the ball away, the angle of the shot to determine the rebound, all these are demonstrated in soccer. The curve can also be calculated using math, at a higher level, if need be.

Even an inch perfect cross is not spot on, so the most powerful tool is estimating.

Whats written above is true, but real math IS used in soccer. You need to know your angles (shooting location), the goalie has to use probability, etc. There's a lot. Really


none of its true hon. you dont have to do math and you dont need to no what do your math means really all it means is dont stand around not doing anything you have to get your feet moving and get ready for the ball to come to you and then you strick and that easy its your ball.