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Well first off,thats 4 different downers/depressants being taken.

Thats way too much for your body.

The ambien and alcohol and seroquel and alcohol will result in a blackout most likely.

A black out would be lucky tho because theres a good chance of dying taking all these depressants together ESPECIALLY with the alcohol mixed in.And the methadone too.

Alcohol potentiates nearly every pill and methadone a strong opiod narcotic that can cause people to nod out when taken too much or taken for that purpose.

Dont do this,it is a horrible idea.

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2011-10-25 11:37:44
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Q: What may result when combining alcohol with ambien seroquel and methadone?
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Is it safe to take seroquel and ambien cr together?

Absolutely. In fact, this is the best combination for sleep I have had, and I have taken both of these every night for the past 3 years (25mg Seroquel w/10mg Ambien)... I find the ambien relaxes me to where I can lay down and the Seroquel actually shuts my brain down and keeps me asleep. Neither of these work good for me by itself, but combining them works wonderfully.

Can you take seroquel and Ambien together safely?

I take 400mg Seroquel and 10mg Ambien and i have never had any adverse reactions personally.

Can you take methadone and Ambien together?


Does seroquel and Ambien cancel each other out?

I have taken Seroquel with Ambien many times. They work well together for those nights I just can't get to sleep.

What are the side effects of ambien and seroquel mixed together?

When I take Ambien and Seroquel (both of which I'm prescribed to have), I will see things around me as if they are wiggling until I pass out. It's actually kind of fun. :)

Can you mix Ambien and methadone?

Yes, as long as the ambien is not time released. I'm on 80 mg of methadone in the morning and take 10 mg Ambien everynight. I would not take them at the same time though since they both sedate.

How long after Ambien can you drink alcohol?

after taking 10 mg ambien should you wait to consume alcohol

What happened when you take ambien 10mg and seroquel 50mg together?

use as a sedative aid.

Can you take methadone and Ambien at the same time?

Yes, you can. They are safe to take together.

Is it safe to drink alcohol while taking ambien 20 mg?

It is not safe to drink alcohol with any type of drug/medication. So no, it is NOT safe to drink alcohol with Ambien 20 mg.

What are effects of taking Ambien with alcohol?

In my experience, one ambien and one beer resulted in 14 hours of lost time. Alcohol and ambien are a bad idea. When I woke up, I felt like I had died and accidentially survived.

Can I take Ambien and Soma together?

NO! Can be dangerous and similar to taking alcohol and Ambien together. Talk to your doctor first.

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