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Q: What means Being uneducated is not as dishonourable as being unwilling to learn?
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What are the other word for being uneducated?


Being ignorant is not so much a shame as being unwilling to learn?

Benjamin Franklin

What is averseness?

Averseness is the quality of being unwilling or opposing within the mind.

What does sordidness mean?

Something that is sordid is dirty, squalid, dishonourable, distasteful or dishonest. Thus "sordidness" is a quality of being sordid that can be applied to something.

What is it called when you always use words incorrectly?

Illiteracy or the state of being uneducated or misinformed.

Is education ever free?

Whatever the price of education, it is less than the price of being uneducated.

Did the Incas develop a calendar?

Try to do your homework instead of lazying around being worthless and uneducated.

What is Uneducated by Jorge Bocobo about?

"Uneducated" is a short story by Jorge Bocobo. He challenges the idea that most college students are actually being educated and taught how to think critically.

What is being done about climate change in Oregon?

There isn't a whole lot that is being done about the climate change in Oregon. This is because most people are uneducated about the issue.

What does soft on crime mean to you?

Being reluctant or unwilling (for whatever reason) to hold people responsible to the law for their actions.

What are some some characteristics of being a coward?

Characteristics of being a coward may include avoiding confrontation or challenges, showing fear or hesitation in the face of danger or difficulty, and being unwilling to take risks or stand up for oneself or others.

What does the quote 'Being ignorant is not so much a shame as being unwilling to learn' mean?

No. Being ignorant is not ever having the oportunity to learn. Being stupid is having the oportunity to learn, and not learning. There is no shame in ignorance. There is shame in making someone aware of their ignorance and then not helping to educate that person.