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a galvanometer.

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Q: What measures current by using the deflections of a coil of wire placed in a permanent magnetic field?
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What is a fluxmeter?

meter that measures magnetic flux by the current it generates in a coil

What are continental deflections?

When a continent deflects the movement of a current.

Is the magnet in a compass a permanent magnetic or an electromagnet?

PermanentThere is no source of current in a compass, therefore the magnet is a permanent magnet.

What condition will sinusoidal voltage be generated in a coil of wire that rotates in a magnetic field?

a generator or alternator,if the magnetic is permanent the current produced from the coil will be alternating current ac.

Why steel becomes a permanent magnet after electric current is passed through it?

Electric current is magnetic so when electric current pass through steel , steel will have the electric power and may be magnetic for awhile

How can you turn off a magnetic field by a current?

If the magnetic field is caused only by a current, you can turn the current off.If you have another magnetic field, for example due to a permanent magnet, with a current you can create a magnetic field that counters the first one. But that will only work in certain regions in space; you can't cancel such a magnetic field everywhere in space.

What is a non permanent magnet?

An electromagnet (a coil around a soft iron core) will only be magnetic when current changes in the coil and so is not permanent.

What are three factors that control the path that a surface current may take?

Global Winds, Coriolis effect, and Continental deflections Global Winds, Coriolis effect, and Continental deflections Global Winds, Coriolis effect, and Continental deflections Global Winds, Coriolis effect, and Continental deflections

How can the magnetism of a permanent magnet be weakened or removed?

Put it in a coil which has an alternating current in it. The AC current produces a magnetic field in the coil which alternates with the changing voltage. This changes the magnetism of the permanent magnet. Gradually reduce the current in the coil and the permanent magnet will end up unmagnetised.

How rotating magnetic field i s produced?

A : spinning a permanent magnetic object. B : changing the direction of the current flowing thru the object C: changing the charge of current flowing thru the object

What shape of a permanent magnet corresponds to the magnetic field formed by a solenoid?

The magnetic field produced by electric current in a solenoid coil is similar to that of a bar magnet.

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