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Mercury. Used within thermometers, Mercury expands visibly with each increase or decrease in F or C degree. Mercury is highly poisonous and should never be handled with bare skin.

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Q: What metal has the greatest thermal expansion?
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What is the hindiequivalent for derailment?

The metal undergoes thermal expansion

When a bimetallic strip is heated it bends toward the metal with the thermal expansion?

... smaller ...

What is a jar with its lid on tightly an example of?

Thermal expansion and contraction, specifically the different coefficients of thermal expansion (CTE) between glass and metal....AND ITS LIKE A (CLOSED SYSTEM)

What is the increase of the volume of a substance by the increase of temperature called?

This increase of volume is called expansion

What is thermal expansion and explain its two types?

- Thermal expansion is the dimension modification of a material under heating. - Linear, volumetric and area thermal expansion are known and measured for materials.

How does a thermostat make use of a thermal expansion?

Thermal expansion is used in thermostats, or heat-regulating devices.

Liquids expansion by heat?

Yes as friend Des Dichado pointed out liquids do have thermal expansion.

How does thermal expansion affect a bridge?

A bridge must have expansion gaps or else they will waver when they expand in warm temperatures. This is thermal expansion

Which metal is the best heat conductor?

Silver has the greatest thermal conductivity: approx. 410 W/m.K.

The expansion of matter when it is heated is known as?

thermal expansion

What is the process of thermal expansion?

Thermal expansion is the tendency of matter to change in volume in response to a change in temperature.

What are the two types of thermal expansion?

Linear, volumetric and area thermal expansion are known and measured for materials.