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The alkali metals sodium, potassium, rubidium, and cesium ignite on contact with water.

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Q: What metals bursts into flames when in contact with water?
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Metal that bursts into flames when it reacts in water?

I believe that you think to alkali metals (ex. sodium).

When placed into water it bursts into flames?


What should you do if your llama frequently bursts into flames?

Throw water on it. The logical answer.

When you add lithium to water what happens?

It either explodes or bursts up in to flames.

What are facts on rubidium?

It reacts strongly in water and bursts into flames when exposed to air.

Metal that bursts into flames when it reacts with water?

Potassium is the only metal (alkali metal) where a flame is present. Lithium and sodium fizz but there is no flame. Caesium, francium and rubidium all explode on contact with water.

What metal bursts into flames when reacted with water?

Once the Potassium hits the water, it bursts into flames. Very cool! Elemental potassium is a soft silvery-white alkali metal that oxidizes rapidly in air and is very reactive with water, generating sufficient heat to ignite the hydrogen emitted in the reaction.

What is a metal that bursts into flames when in reacts with water?

sodium, potassium, rubidiumSodium reacts very quickly with water. All Alkali metals, the first column of the periodic table excluding Hydrogen (H), react violently with water. The lower the row, the more explosive the reaction.

What are facts about rubidium?

It reacts strongly in water and bursts into flames when exposed to air. =] and it is the third most reactive alkali metal

Are all metalloids hard solids?

No, I can only think of one example, sodium (not salt because salt is sodium chloride) is clay like metal that also bursts into flames and explodes when it comes into contact with water.

What can burst into flames by exsposed to water?

Diamond can disintegrate if heated enough and will give off carbon dioxide on water and disappear Any of the alkaline metals will burst into flames

Why are alkali metals dangerous?

They are very reactive. They can react violently or explosively with water, usually catching fire soon after contact. They react with moisture and air to produce strong bases that can cause serious chemical burns. The two most reactive of the metals, rubidium and cesium, burst into flames on contact with air.

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