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it becomes a shale rock.

There is no way that chalk, a form of limestone, can be metamorphosed into shale. It will like limestone change to marble.

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Is the rock chalk metamorphic?

No it is not metamorphic, it is a sedimentary rock.

What metamorphic rock does chalk turn into after heat and pressure?

Sulnapoticsulphite. this when extreme heat is applied turns into chalk.

Is chalk a sedimentary metamorphic or igneous rock?

Chalk is a form of limestone, a sedimentary rock.

Is chalk a sedimentary or igneous or metamorphic?

chalk is a sedimentary rock

Is chalk a metamorphic rock?

Chalk is an organic sedimentary rock made of tiny shells and shell fragments.

How does a extrusive igneous rock turn into a metamorphic rock?

Weathering and erosion turn igneous rock to metamorphic rock.

What can metamorphic rock turn into?

It can still turn into a new and more recent metamorphic rock.

How a metamorphic rock could turn into a sedimentary rock and then back into a metamorphic rock?

A Metamorphic Rock could turn into a sediment rock by heat and erosion. Then the sediment rock could turn into a Sedimentary Rock by compaction and cementation. The Sedimentary Rock can turn into a Metamorphic Rockagain by heat and pressure. Metamorphic Rock (weathering and erosion Sediment Rock Sediment Rock (compaction and cementation)= Sedimentary Rock Sedimentary Rock (Heat and Pressure) = Metamorphic Rock

What metamorphic rock used in school?

It can be used for the chalk bords .

How can a igneous turn into a metamorphic rock?

Igneous rock can turn in to metamorphic rock by weathering and erosion. The Igneous rock is changed by heat and pressure and is turned in to the new rock, the new rock is the Metamorphic rock

Is metamorphic rock the rock of heat and pressure?

The rock that gets heat+pressure to turn into a metamorphic rock.

How can lava turn into metamorphic rocks?

Lava does not directly turn into metamorphic rock. Lava turns into igneous rock, which can become sedimentary rock. Either igneous or sedimentary rock can turn into metamorphic rock when lava gets into a crack. The pressure and heated fluids alter the surrounding rock, turning it into metamorphic rock.

What rock can a sedimentary rock turn into?

A metamorphic rock.

What metamorphic rock does anthracite coal turn in to?

Anthracite coal is already a metamorphic rock.

How does a igneous rock become metamorphic?

A igneous rock can turn metamorphic by heat and pressure

Which rocks turn into metamorphic rocks?

Rock from all three rock classifications (igneous, sedimentary, metamorphic) can undergo metamorphism and become metamorphic rock, or a different type of metamorphic rock.

How can a sedimentary rock turn into a metamorphic rock?

it is by the heat

What can heat turn an igneous rock into?

metamorphic rock.....

What can dolomite rock turn into?

A metamorphic or Igneous rock

Can breccia turn into a metamorphic rock?

Yes. In the rock cycle, any sedimentary rock can be transformed into a metamorphic rock due to deep burial where the rock is changed by the earth's high temperature and pressure, an exposure to a plutonic intrusion, where rocks such as granite are formed, or any other process where heat and pressure alter the composition, appearance, and classification of a rock. An igneous rock can turn into a metamorphic rock or a sedimentary rock. A metamorphic rock can turn into an igneous rock or a sedimentary rock, and a sedimentary rock can turn into an igneous rock or a metamorphic rock.

How does a rock turn into a metamorphic rock?

heat and pressure deep beneath earth's surface can change any rock into metamorphic rock.

What are examples of each type of rock?

Gneiss= Metamorphic Chalk= Sedimentary Granite= Igneous

What type of rock does sedimentary rock turn into when it is buried?


What metamorphic rock does basalt turn into?


What metamorphic rock does mudstone turn into?


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