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The people liked him because he made them feel proud of their country again (nationalism). He brain washed his people to think that the Jews were the reason they lost World War I. The people believed that he would restore Germany and create jobs (there was very high unemployment at the time, and people just wanted a leader to lead them out of the crisis). If you lived there at the time, you probably would have liked him too, as he was an excellent orator, and promised to restore Germany and dispel the confusion.

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What methods did Mussolini use to gain political power?

There are different methods that Mussolini used to gain political power. He came into power after decades of struggles between red and black socialists and he fought for the traditional status which resulted into loss of democracy.

When did Hitler gain power?

Hitler gained power in 1933.

When did Hitler become dicator?

After he was chancellor for almost a year the president of Germany died. Hitler didn't gain the position but went up the political ladder and gained added power.

When and how did Hitler gain power?

from doing stuff

Why did Adolf Hitler gain his power?

Hitler think they are the master race and there was nazis.Nazi was the main source of there power.

What date did Adolf Hitler gain power?


What century did Hitler gain power?

20th century

How did Propaganda help people?

It helped people gain power. For example Hitler used propaganda to gain power.

What treatry helped Hitler gain power?

Treaty Of Versailles

What date did Hitler gain power?

30 January 1933.

How did Germany help Hitler to gain power?

Eggy farts

How did Hitler gain power in Germany?

he promised a return to glory

What Were The Consequences Of The Beer Hall Putsch?

Hitler wrote mein Kampf. Hitler realised that he would not gain power by rebellion. He began a new strategy - to gain power by being elected.

What des political party mean?

political party means an organization to gain political power

An informal political group designed to gain and keep power?

political machine

What organization works to gain power?

A political party.

Did Adolf Hitler drive?

Probably until he gain power then he had people do it for him

How were Nazis able to gain power in Germany?

It was Hitler who brainwashed everyone.

What Political Party Was In Power In 1928 and 1929?

- Technically the political party in charge were still the Social Demecratic of the Weimar republic, however Hitler was chancellor by that time - also the Nazi party had won the majority of votes, it only took Hitler being president for him to gain absolute control.

What benefits did the French and British hope to gain from appeasement as well as what Hitler hoped to gain?

power with the allies

What is called a organization of people that controls votes to gain political power is a?

Political Machine

What methods did Lenin and Stalin do to gain power?

See link below.

How did Louis xiv gain political power?

By eating muslims

Why did Adolf Hitler try to over throw the government?

To gain ultimate power.

How did Hitler gain so much power?

he was voted president then changed it to a dictatorship.