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Liters would be the metric measurement for volume of liquid.

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What metric unit would be used to measure the volume of water in a bathtub?

The common metric unit of volume is the liter, which would be appropriate to measure this amount of water. The SI unit of volume is the cubic meter, though.

What is the amount of space occupied by or the capacity of a three dimensional shape?

Put it in a bathtub of water and measure the rise in water level. Multiply by the length and breadth of the water.

What metric measure would you use for water in a cup?

Millilitres (mL) would be the best metric measure for a cup of water.

Witch metric unit is the mass of an orange?

What is the metric unit of a orange? What is the metric unit of a pencil? What iw the customary unit amount of water a bathtub will hold?

Which unit would you use to measure the water in a full bathtub?

Which unit would you use to measure the water in a full tub?

What is the best metric unit to measure the amount of water in a water tower?

Since water towers generally have a very large capacity, I would say that cubic meters might be the best bet. You can measure the total volumetric capacity of the water tower in cubic meters and then determine the volume of water that is currently in the water tower. However, an amount of water can also be measured in liters.

What does operating capacity for a bathtub mean?

It is the volume of water that the tub can hold until the water reaches the overflow hole.

Which unit to use to measure the water in a full bathtub?

You would measure the water in a bath tub in gallons.

Would you use kiloliters or liters to measure the capacity of a bathtub?

well it would be liters if its just water ya know?? but lets say you and you babe were getting it on in there, then it would totally be kiloliters! specialy if you are fat!

How could you determine your mass using water a bathtubsomething to measure water with and Archimedes' princilpe?

How could you determine your mass using water, a bathtub,something to measure water with, and Archimedes' princilpe?

What is hydraulic capacity?

Measure of the volume of water which a structure can pass; measure of the volume and flow of water within a watercourse.

How do you calculate the water capacity of a bathtub?

Depending on the shape: Standard rectangular bath - length x breadth x height

How do you measure a drop of water?

I would measure it by weight. Metric is easier. 1 x ml = 1gram

What are 3 things you would measure with a meters?

The table's length. The height of your legs. The deepness of the water in a bathtub.

What is the best metric unit to measure water?

mL, L, cm3, m3 are all SI units that can be used to measure the volume of water.

What is a graduated cylinder used for in science?

A graduated cylinder is used to measure the volume, or capacity of water. Or to just measure Water.

Will you measure water in a bathtub by ml or l?

Personally neither as I would use gallons, but to help you think about it:If you had a bathtub which would be easier (and quicker) to measure it if you used your choice to fill the bathtub with water:a teaspoon (used for taking medicine) which holds 5 ml; ora jug which holds 1 l[The answer is litres (l), not millilitres (ml).]

Would you use a scale to measure capacity?

It could be used to measure capacity. For example, weigh an empty container. Then fill the container with water and weigh it again. Take the difference in weight. Divide by the density of water. This will give you the capacity of the container.

How many cups of water does the bathtub holds?

how many cups of wter does the bathtub holds

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