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I don't know where you live, but I live in Montgomery AL and they have quite a few magnet schools like Baldwin Arts and Academic, Floyd, et cedera

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When was Prince George's County Public Schools Magnet Programs created?

Prince George's County Public Schools Magnet Programs was created in 1985.

What is Meigs Magnet Middle schools mascot?

THE CORRECT ANSWER IS... ---- Cavaliers

Where do you go if you want to be a nerd?

Science and computer departments of middle schools and high schools. Magnet schools or college preparatory schools without an athletic department.

What are some reputable online middle schools?

There is no way for your middle school child to attend middle school on line. Middle schools currently do not offer on line programs for students to attend.

What middle schools have baseball teams?

The ones with good athletic programs.

What is a magnet middle school?

Magnet Schools are public schools that specializes in particular subjects, in addition to providing general education, and draws students from inside and outside the local area. hope this helps.

Is Broadmoor Middle School a good school?

No it is not in fact it is a failing school.If i was a parent i will let my child go to McKinley Middle or Westdale Middle.Those schools are actually Magnet Schools

What percent of middle schools across the country have middle schools?

100% of middle schools will have middle schools as middle schools are middle schools.

What is the middle part of magnet called?

pole. the middle part of a magnet is the pole. :)

Would the pull of a magnet be stronger at the middle of North pole of the magnet?

i think the middle

When was Dunbar Magnet Middle School created?

Dunbar Magnet Middle School was created in 1929.

When was Cloverdale Magnet Middle School created?

Cloverdale Magnet Middle School was created in 1956.

When was Hartford Magnet Middle School created?

Hartford Magnet Middle School was created in 1999.

How do you get into magnet programs?

to get into magnet programs, you must apply and you your grade average can't be below a 3.5 You may be able to get a scholarship from your public school to the magnet program if you have straight A average.

What is the motto of Sudbrook Magnet Middle School?

Sudbrook Magnet Middle School's motto is 'Focused on Quality'.

What is Sudbrook Magnet Middle School's motto?

The motto of Sudbrook Magnet Middle School is 'Committed to Excellence'.

When was Caddo Parish Middle Magnet School created?

Caddo Parish Middle Magnet School was created in 1980.

When was Forest Heights Magnet Middle School created?

Forest Heights Magnet Middle School was created in 1955.

What is a magnet school?

a magnet school is a school in which talented students are selected. The purpose of a magnet school is to attract gifted and talented students toward them. Students experience a better education course than normal public schools. A magnet school is part of public schools but still it is the good one from public schools

What were the first public schools in Indianapolis?

The first public school in Indianapolis was shortridge middle school although it just became a magnet for law and public polocy.

What programs do public schools have?

Regular and Accelerated programs

What are some programs that can help a middle school student get into a good high school?

student counsil. lots of high schools look for it.

How many middle schools are in the US?

3501 middle schools in the us

What middle schools have lockers?

Most middle schools, in the US have lockers.

When was Henderson Health Sciences Magnet Middle School created?

Henderson Health Sciences Magnet Middle School was created in 1964.

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