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Good Night

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Q: What might an Israeli woman say in bed in Hebrew?
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What will the bed of the future be like?

It will cook breakfast and dress you and if you are lucky, it might give you a woman

What is the Hebrew word for bed?

mitah (מיטה)

How do you get a woman in bed?

get her drunk

What is the Hebrew word for bed bug?

pishpesh (פשפש)

The Hebrew word berth is best translated how?

There is no Hebrew word 'berth'. If you mean the English word berth: in Hebrew it is meetah (which also means bed).

What might a woman wear to bed that would ensure her husband kept his hands off her?

sweat pants, flannel pajamas, facial mask

Is there a film where a bed eats men that a woman brings home and then the bed or maybe fridge eats her I think it exists but it might have been a dream lol?

yes there is 121212333742342734724626437436463563654353 and so on mmovies in tthis world! lol

How do earthquakes shake the earth's crust?

when a man and a woman are in bed and the bed shakes it is because of SEX

How do you say breakfast in bed in hebrew?

arukhat bokehr bamitah (ארוחת בוקר במיטה)

What is the greek definition for word glorified?

In a bed with a woman

How do you make a woman happy in bed 44k?


Do bed-wetting cause bed bugs?

I believe that urinating in the bed can cause bed bugs because the smell might can attract them.