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Q: What military weapon is a knight compared to?
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A long weapon used by a knight?


What weapon ended the age of knight and chivalry?

The longbow

What weapon was used when making a squire into a knight?

a sword

A weapon that can be thrown by knight?

A dagger, spear, mace?

What is the name of lulu's celestial weapon in Final Fantasy X?

Her Celestial weapon is named the Onion Knight.

The first military secret weapon was called?

greek fireThe first military secret weapon was called Greek fire.

How do you make a knight in Doodle God?

warrior = hunter + weapon

What is a saw?

A saw is short for a military gun, squad automatic weapon. A saw is short for squad automatic weapon. It is a military gun.

What did ho chi minh compare his military to?

Ho Chi Minh compared his military to a tiger. He compared the United States military to an elephant.

A weapon that a knight used that can also be used to chop wood?


What weapon made being a knight a lot less fun?

A crossbow.

What does it mean when a weapon in the military is in storage?

Usually, it means the weapon is not available for easy acess.

What animal did ho chi minh compare his military to?

Ho Chi Minh compared his military to a tiger. He compared the United States military to an elephant.

What is the best military weapon in the world?


What type of weapon does sir gawain use in the book sir gawian and the green knight?

His main weapon are axes. He also French.

Why is a sword the most important weapon to a knight?

It's not, the brain is the most important weapon for any warrior. Without it they'd be a vegetable.

What weapon of a knight can be thrown and what is its name?

Spear most likely, it can be thrown too.

How do you know which is the best weapon in Tactics Ogre - The Knight Of Lodis?

a mace

What is a battle-axe?

A battleaxe is an ancient military weapon, a form of axe designed for military combat, or a heraldic term for this form of weapon on a coat of arms.

A weapon a knight could throw?

Maces and throwing hammers were regularly used as a projectile weapon. But overall it doesn't make sense for a knight (a mounted warrior) to throw things. It is very difficult to aim sensibly from horseback.

What jobs do the Chinese have?

Military, Nuclear weapon creating

Is the army M249 weapon a crew served weapon?

In some countries which field it, it's operated as a crew served weapon. However, in the US military, it is fielded as an individual weapon.

Can you get a doom weapon from killing the doom kitten?

no you can only get it by buying the doom knight package

What was the device taught to teach a knight to joust?

a lance or javelin... its a very long weapon.

What are some weapons that start with f?

A fist frequently is used as a weapon. Flame thrower is a weapon used in the military.