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Q: What mineral does not contain oxygen?
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What is a mineral that does not contain compounds of silicon and oxygen?


A mineral that contains a combination of silicon and oxygen and that may also contain one or more metals?

Silicate Mineral

In addition to silicon and oxygen silicon mineral usually contain?

Other elements

What must contain a silicate mineral?

Silicate is literally Silicon and Oxygen. To be a silicate, therefore, a mineral must contain SiO2. The classic Silicate is Quartz, which is pure SiO2.

A silicate mineral must contain?

It must contain silicon and oxygen.. Sammantha G.

What household items contain oxygen?

Mashed potato oxides and green bean oxides & other mineral containing food

Do non silicate minerals contain silicon?

Most likely not. Silicate minerals contain silicon in combination with oxygen. However, silicon itself is considered a non-silicate mineral, composed entirely of the element silicon; without the oxygen, however, it IS a non-silicate mineral.

Where did oxygen get its name?

The word oxygen comes from Greek words meaning "acid former" because most mineral acids and all carboxylic acids contain oxygen.

What type of mineral does not contain a combination of silicon and oxygen?

Nonsilicate minerals, like Galena (formula: PbS)

How are carbonate mineral different from silicate minerals?

Carbonate minerals contain carbon and oxygen in the form of the carbonate ion (CO3-), whereas silicate minerals contain silicon and oxygen in the form of various ions containing silicon and oxygen.

Does an element of iron contain oxygen?

No. Fe- (latin) ferrum with the atomic number of 26.

What are the 6 mineral groups?

Halides - contain halogens (group 17 of the periodic table) Sulfides - contain sulfer Carbonates - contain carbon, oxygen, and one other element Silicates - contain silicon and oxygen Oxides - contain oxygen and one other element Native elements - are pure elements There are others but these are the 6 major groups.