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Virtually impossible to tell a model from just the serial number.

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What model and how old is miroku shotgun serial number 47090nn?

You will have to contact Miroku to find out.

What model miroku shotgun is serial number 303978?

Virtually impossible to identify the model of a weapon with just a serial number.

What model is miroku shotgun serial no 40249?

No way to tell from just the serial number.

What model is a miroku shotgun serial number 39002PV?

Basically impossilbe to tell a model number by the sn.

What model and how old is your Miroku sport er serial number 734999?

Sorry- no public records. You can try contacting Miroku.

What age and model number please of a BC Miroku shotgun serial 341909?

Miroku guns made under their name does not have serial info published. Winchester, Charles Daly and Browning have all been made by Miroku in the past. Do you have a model?

What model is Miroku shotgun serial number 673479?

I believe it was known as the "Black Shadow".

What type of gun is miroku no 35044pp?

It is not possible to tell a model from the serial number. Serial numbers are not unique to only one gun in the world.

What model and how old please is Miroku shotgun serial number 735371?

Miroku was making shotguns for different firearms Companies before Browning came along. Charles Daly was one of their biggest customers for shotguns. More info is needed to determine which gun you have. This is not a Browning serial number.

What is the price of a miroku serial No 35147pz?

More information is needed. Is this a Browning? What model and what condition?

Can you tell model from serial number?

model number is always smaller than serial

What is the age of a model 58 smith and Wesson serial number 00301?

e The serial number you listed is not a Model 58 serial number. the serial number starts with an "S"

What model smith and Wesson revolver do you have with serial number afy6xxx?

You can not tell the model number with just the serial number.

What is the age of serial number 118408?

is that the serial number of a model A ford ?? or firearms ?? If a firearm, who made it and what is the model ????

What model smith and Wesson is serial 4422?

No way to tell model number from just the serial number.

What model is Browning serial number 20316?

Determining the model from just the serial number is virtually impossilbe.

Why your 308 gun model serial got a A?

The numbers 308 are not the model number.That is the caliber.Include the model and serial number so we can answer why the letter A appears in the front of the serial number.

When was a Winchester model number 566559 made?

The number you provided is probably the serial number?If you can give me the model number along with the serial number,Then I can answer your question.

What year is evinrude serial no G0425745?

Evinrude and Johnson outboards use the engine model number, rather than the serial number, to determine the year model. The model number will be on the same plate/sticker as the serial number.

How old in your Winchester model with the serial number 3326874?

I would have to have the model number along with the serial number to correctly date your winchester.

What model and year is serial?

Serial is a number. For example, a car has a model and year to identify it by made and model, and then it has a serial number to further identify it down to it's individual number. It's similar to 1964 Aston Martin DB5 serial number 007.

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