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2008 Ford Focus 2-door

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โˆ™ 2008-01-19 21:06:45
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Q: What model of Ford car does Bill Gates drive?
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What kind of car does Bill Gates drive?

While Bill Gates has many fancy cars, he also has a Ford Focus. One of his most expensive cars is a $225,000 Porsche 959.

What does bill gates drive?

he drives a 2000 ford f-150 that is pink with purple stripes and yellow rimes

Famous people that made a difference in the USA?

Henry Ford, Thomas Edison, Bill Gates,

What drives Bill Gates?

he drives a 2000 Ford f-150 that is pink with purple stripes and yellow rimes

Famous people of the 1970s?

Albert Einstein, Isaac Newton, Henry Ford, Bill Gates, Scott Restivo

Most intelligent people?

Bill Gates Steve Jobs Henry Ford George Washington Carver Henry Clay

Did Bill Elliott drive a Budweiser Ford?

Yes, he did. Bill Elliott drove the #11 Budweiser Ford for three Winston Cup seasons (1992-1994).

What was so special about the Ford Model A?

Ford Model A was so special because it was the first Ford model that would use the current standard driver controls. These included clutches, drive gear, brake pedal, starter and throttle.

What car did Johnny Depp drive in public enemies?

A 1930 Ford Model Coupe.

How many gallons of gas does a ford edge hold?

Ford Edge - 2008 model front wheel drive - 19.2 gallons all wheel drive - 20.8 gallons

Is Ford Explorer a 2wheel drive?

Ford Explorers are either rear wheel drive , 4x4 ( that has a LOW RANGE ) for the transfer case , or all wheel drive ( which does not have a low range ) * up to the 2010 model year *

What kind of transmission did the Ford model a had?

The Ford " A" model had a:The Ford " A" model had a:

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