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2008 Ford Focus 2-door

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Q: What model of Ford car does Bill Gates drive?
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What kind of car does Bill Gates drive?

While Bill Gates has many fancy cars, he also has a Ford Focus. One of his most expensive cars is a $225,000 Porsche 959.

What does bill gates drive?

he drives a 2000 ford f-150 that is pink with purple stripes and yellow rimes

Famous people that made a difference in the USA?

Henry Ford, Thomas Edison, Bill Gates,

Famous people of the 1970s?

Albert Einstein, Isaac Newton, Henry Ford, Bill Gates, Scott Restivo

What was so special about the Ford Model A?

Ford Model A was so special because it was the first Ford model that would use the current standard driver controls. These included clutches, drive gear, brake pedal, starter and throttle.

Did Bill Elliott drive a Budweiser Ford?

Yes, he did. Bill Elliott drove the #11 Budweiser Ford for three Winston Cup seasons (1992-1994).

Most intelligent people?

Bill Gates Steve Jobs Henry Ford George Washington Carver Henry Clay

What cars are from the Ford auto company?

In alphabetical order:Ford Model 48Ford Model 50Ford Model 67Ford Model 68Ford Model 73Ford Model 74Ford Model 77Ford Model 78Ford Model 81Ford Model 82Ford Model 91Ford Model 92Ford Model AFord Model AAFord Model ACFord Model BFord Model CFord Model FFord Model KFord Model NFord Model RFord Model SFord Model TFord Model TTFord Model V-18Ford Model YFord MondeoFord MustangFord Panel truckFord ParklaneFord PickupFord PilotFord PintoFord PopularFord PrefectFord ProbeFord PulsarFord PumaFord RancheroFord Ranch wagonFord RangerFord RheinlandFord RoadsterFord RS200Ford Sedan DeliveryFord ScorpioFord SierraFord SkylinerFord SpecialFord StandardFord StreetkaFord SunlinerFord StarlinerFord Super DeluxeFord T-seriesFord TaurusFord TaunusFord TelstarFord TempoFord TenFord Ten-TenFord ThunderbirdFord TorneoFord TorinoFord TranscontinentalFord TransitFord VanFord V8Ford VersaillesFord VictoriaFord WindstarFord ZephyrFord ZodiacFord ZX2

How many gallons of gas does a ford edge hold?

Ford Edge - 2008 model front wheel drive - 19.2 gallons all wheel drive - 20.8 gallons

What car did Johnny Depp drive in public enemies?

A 1930 Ford Model Coupe.

Is Ford Explorer a 2wheel drive?

Ford Explorers are either rear wheel drive , 4x4 ( that has a LOW RANGE ) for the transfer case , or all wheel drive ( which does not have a low range ) * up to the 2010 model year *

What kind of transmission did the Ford model a had?

The Ford " A" model had a:The Ford " A" model had a:

What was the top speed of the ford model t?

The top speed of a Ford Model T is around 45 mph. Back then who ever owned one didn't drive them anymore than 35 mph.

How to change ford Focus accessory drive belt?

Drive cycle for 96 ford explorer?

www . motorcraft service . com ( no spaces ) When you get to the Ford home page ( click on Owner Guides ) Select your year and Ford model The Owner Guide ( which includes the drive cycle instructions ) can be viewed online

Did Jeff Gordon ever drive a Ford in a Nascar race?

Jeff Gordon did drive a Ford in the Busch Series (now known as the Nationwide Series) for Bill Davis Racing in 1991 and 1992. Jeff never drove a Ford in the Nascar Cup Series.

What car model followed model-t ford in 1928?

The model A Ford followed the model T Ford from 1928 to 1931.

What was the price of most cars in the 1900?

my father has the original bill of sale for a 1923 model t ford$325.

What are the best kind of battery for a ford that is 2 wheel drive?

The kind that is compatible with the specific model you had in mind. "Four wheel drive Ford" leaves a whole lot of models which you could be referring to, not to mention that, you never gave a model year, either, so you could be talking about models which are out of production, too.

What was the difference between the Ford model t and the model a?

Not even close to the same vehicle. Google Ford Model T and then Ford Model A and you will see the difference.

What does a car's make and model mean?

A car is identified by its brand (Like a Toyota or Ford), Model (Aygo, Fiesta) and Make (Year of production). So you could for instance drive a 2012 Toyota Aygo or a 1999 Ford Fiesta.

What make of car did Boston Blackie drive in the 1945 movie booked on suspicion?

It was a 1937 Ford Model 78 760A

What year of truck did the Waltons drive on the TV show?

John's lumber truck was a 1928/29 Ford Model AA.

How oil filter removal ford explorer 97 alternative method?

Drive to Ford dealer. Tell them you want the oil changed. Sit in waiting area and read a magazine. When they tell you your Explorer is ready, pay bill and drive off.

Who invented the Model T Ford?

Henry Ford invented the "Tin Lizzie" : Model T Ford .