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There are many motions that are made by an ant. These motions include but are not limited to walking motions.

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I dont have answer thats why i am asking

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What is the motion of an moving ant?

transkatory motion

Example of linear motion?


Is an ant made of plant cells or animal cells?

an ant is made of animal cells.

Made in china ANT brain teaser?

Ant farm

Is there such thing as an ANT FARM?

Yes there is such thing as an ant farm it is made for family's of ants and for the queen ant to have babys

Do you the same size cell as an ant' s?

An ant is made up of cells

What are ant hills made from?


What is truvia made of?

it is ant poison

What is eqal made of?

it is ant poison

What is an ant made of?

cells, just like you and me.

Who made ant farm?

Dan Cigar

Who made motion picture?

Eadward Muybridge made the motion picture in 1895.

Who made the motion detection device?

joney willyems made the motion detector

How can you tame ants?

There is no way to tame an ant. Ants can be contained in a man made habitat called an ant farm if there is an interest in observing the behaviors of the ant colony.

Who wrote Smooth Criminal first Michael Jackson or Alien Ant Farm?

Michael did it first, Alien Ant Farm just did a cover Michael Jackson's was made in 1988 and Alien Ant Farm's was made in 2001.

Is a ant vertebarate?

An ant is an invertebrate as it doesn't have a spine. It has an exoskeleton, which is a hard, waterproof body covering, made of chitin.

What words can you made with z and a?

Ant zebra ape

What is the word for always in motion in Esperanto?

Depending on the meaning of the phrase in Esperanto, the suffix for the present participle (-ant-) may cover most of the senses of "always in motion" such as: kuranta (adjective: kur'i = to run + ant'+ a) or movanta. The expression "ĉiam movanta" is also a possibility as an adjective or as an adverb with -e termination, "ĉiam movante".

What is ant trap made from?

it is made of green vegetables and chicken curry mixed in mayonese

Is ant killer made from chrysanthemums?

Most ant baits are Boric-based. Any pyrethrum insecticide (contact sprays) etc. are.

What is the ampit drum made out of?

hi it ant help me at all

Were can you by a fleur bot from ant farm?

You can't, they made them up.

Is an ant made out of one cell?

No. Ants are multicellular organisms.

Can a red ant queen ant lay a egg with a black ant?

No the red ant soldiers would have have killed the Carpenter Ant before it could reach the Queen Red Ant it would only probably get 10 Feet out of 25 to 50 Ft. down there he would probably then be Eaten by the soldiers before the larvae Section of the nest because the Queen would have sent the soldiers to stop him because in a Nest The Carpenter Ant would have to cross the Larvae section to get to the Queen But if he made it past that he would have been attacked By the Drones which have wings if he made it past them he would fight the King Red Ant which is about 7 Cm. smaller than the Queen Red Ant and if he made it past that he would Confront the Queen Which the Carpenter Ant would have to have a gift for her or she'll reject him and he will have to go as fast as he can back out

Why were newtons three laws of motion made?

To explain how and why motion occurs.