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The Rocky Mountain Range is much longer than the Appalachian Mountain Range. The Rocky Mountains cover 3,000 miles while the Appalachians only cover 1,500.

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Q: What mountain range is longer - Appalachian or Rockies?
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What is the oldest mountain range the Rockies or the Appalachian Mountains?


Mountain range stretching from north to south in north America?

Rockies or Appalachian

How many mountain ranges are there in the US and what are their names?

3 and they are Great Coast Range, The Rockies and the Appalachian Range.

5 mountain ranges in the us?

Rockies, Appalachian Range, Sierra Nevada Range, Cascade Mountains, Catskill Mountains.

What is the second largest mountain range in the US?

the Appalachian mountain range

Are the ozark mountains part of the rocky or Appalachian mountains?

Neither. The Ozarks are their own mountain range in between the Appalachians and the Rockies.

What are the Points of interest in Appalachian mountain range?

What are some points of interest in the Appalachian mountain range?

What is the largest mountain range in America?

Appalachian Mountain Range

Which mountain range is in East America?

The Appalachian Mountain Range.

Are the Appalachian mountains among the youngest?

The Appalachian Mountain Range is the youngest mountain range discovered, yes.

Witch mountain range is longer-the Cascade Mountains or the Rocky mountains?

The Rockies. They are about 3000 miles long while the Cascades are about 2000 miles long. (The only land range longer than the Rockies are the Andes at about 4300 miles. Even longer are certain underwater mountain ranges)

In which southern state does the Appalachian Mountain range begin?

Tennessee is the southern state that the Appalachian Mountain range begins in.

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