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The Cumberland Gap was the chief passage way through the Appalachian (Appa-latch-an) Mountains through out American History. It was part of Wilderness Road.

(I remember how to pronounce these mountains by "I'm tossing an 'appl i wish u were smarter than i am cause i dont know

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Q: What mountain system does Cumberland Gap run through?
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The settlers crossed Appalachian mountain through the?

Cumberland Gap

What was the main advantage of the Cumberland Gap?

it was a passage through mountain terrain.

What road was built through the cumberland gap?

the Wilderness road was built through the Cumberland gap

What mountain range did Daniel Boone lead settlers through when he discovered The Cumberland Gap?

Daniel Boone lead settlers through the 'Cumberland Gap' to forge the 'Wilderness Trail' to open up travel to the west.

What mountain range does the Cumberland gap lead to?


What most famous route through the Appalachian mountain to the west was the?

The trail that led from Virginia through the Cumberland Gap to Kentucky was the Wilderness Road.

Road Built through the cumberland gap?


What mountain range did pioneers have to cross to get to Kentucky and Tennessee?

Pioneers needed to cross the Appalachian mountain range in order to get to Kentucky and Tennessee. They used the Cumberland Gap, a path through the mountain range, to do so.

Who discovered through the Cumberland Gap?

Daniel Boone was noted for leading settlers into KY through the gap.

Who found a pathway across the Appalachians through the Cumberland Gap?

They crossed it by riding trains or wagons over the mountains.

How did Cumberland gap change western settlement?

The Cumberland Gap is a V-shaped passage through the Appalachian Mountains at the intersection of Kentucky, Virginia and Tennessee.

What is the road from Virginia into Kentucky that passes through the Cumberland Gap?