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There are cartweels and chantaind it is a mixter ao dance and gymastics
  • It goes from front roll, to back roll, hand stand, walking hand stand, front walk over, back walkover, front hand spring, back hand spring, front tuck, double front tuck, back tuck, double back tuck, triple ect., layout, wipeback, half, full, double full.
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Cheerleading dance moves?

well cheerleading dance moves would be cheerleading moves, just with a good up beat song such as "Please dont stop the music" By:Rhina i tried out for cheerleading and we had to learn a dance to that song it was so much fun!!and if you know these moves here are some good cheer moves;

In cheerleading motions refer to?

how your body moves

What is a ripple in cheerleading?

A ripple in cheerleading is when the cheerleaders do the same moves on different counts. like a wave.

Learn cheerleading moves?

My opinion to learn alot of cheerleading moves, is the gym where you have free space and no one near you for no concentration. the more you go to the gym and practice in gymnastics the more you learn the cheerleading moves likeBack handspringBack walkoverroundoffvaldezfront flipback flipback exstintion rollthat's wat i think you should do to learn the moves

What are some good cheerleading moves?

all are great

What are all the cheerleading moves?

You can find most of them at

All the cheerleading moves?

you could never name all of the cheerleading moves. the most popular however. high v. low v. middle. short t. touchdown. and clap, and clasp.

Can you give me the moves for cheerleading?

cheerleading isn't just about fancy tricks its also about dance if u can dance you could be a good cheerleader

Meaning of cheerdance?

Cheerdance is another form of cheerleading that is usually used in competitions. It is a form of dance that includes a lot of cheerleading moves and gymnastics.

Where can you learn cheerleading moves?

well you can learn cheers at a camp or at home on the Internet

How do you do a twist up cheerleading?

spice it up by adding just a few break dancing moves. dont get normal cheerleading uniforms. get crazy with them! be creative! and add some funky hip hop moves. and the number one thing to do is reassure safety!

Is it true you need to break a bone in order to be flexible in cheerleading?

No. A broken bone will hamper your moves.

Who invented cheerleading stunts?

Cheerleading stunts were invented by Lawrence 'Herkie' Herkimer. He is credited with not only creating moves like the 'herkie,' but also patenting the pom-pom and the spirit stick.

How is gymnastics and cheerleading similar?

They both require great physical strength, and may of the tumbling moves are the same

In which sport might you do a pike a twist or a reverse twist with pike?

Mostly on cheerleading. Diving uses those moves.

Does your body shape affect your balance doing various cheerleading moves?

depending on the move yes (note: i am a cheerleader)

What are the group stunts?

In cheerleading, group stunts include building human pyramids. Gymnastic moves that include flips are performed by a cheerleading squad as a whole group doing separate stunts or one group stunt.

What range in cheerleading would you be in if you r 10 in a half?

All cheerleading levels are different. Around where I live which is ohio, you would be in probably be in range 4 or 5 depending on how good you are at certain tumbling and gymnastics moves.

What is the definitioin of cheerleading?

Cheerleading is a rush, it keeps you fit, you never know when your body will give up but when you think it will push it harder. cheerleading is throwing girls up and over your heads for a living and when it falls you start from the beginning. cheerleading is wearing short skirts for those football players and popping your butt whenever they look. cheerleading IS a sport people say it isn't but it is. cheerleading is very competitive and whenever you step on that big blue mat at comp it means to give it your all and hitting all your moves ten times better for that hundreth of a point that you need to beat the that the definition of cheerleading!

How do you say she does cheerleading in Spanish?

ella hace cheerleading that means she does cheerleading in spanish

Where is some cheerleading auditions?

If you are looking for cheerleading auditions in New Jersey it will be by a cheerleading store. If your looking for cheerleading auditions in another state it will be bye a sports center or also a cheerleading store.

Is there cheerleading in Australia?

There is very little cheerleading at schools but there is cheerleading at professional sport games

What is Pop Warner Cheerleading?

pop warner cheerleading is like an optimist or recreation cheerleading.

What is cheerleading competition?

cheerleading competition is when all different cheerleading squades compete for a trophy.

What is cheerleading in Welsh?

Cheerleading in welsh is: llonni which means to cheer. there is no actua word for cheerleading.

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