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He will learn counter at 3, force palm at level 6, endure at 11, quick attack at 14, metal claw at 22, drain punch at 32, aura sphere at 37, dragon pulse at 46, bone rush at 49, extremespeed at 53, crunch at 57, flash cannon at 62, iron head and iron tail at 69, focus punch at 73, psychic at 79, and fire punch, ice punch, and thunder punch can be learned by using a heart scale.

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Q: What moves will Lucario naturally learn?
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What moves does Lucario learn?

aura sphere

What moves can Lucario learn?

it can learn aura sphere at lvl 37

In Pokemon diamond when will your Lucario learn aura storm?

Lucario doesn't learn aura storm. unfortunately that move is exclusive to super smash brothers brawl. to see all the moves Lucario can learn the link is below:

What level does Lucario learn aura spear?

Lucario, an Aura Pokemon, learns aura spear at Start. Other moves Lucario can learn include power-up punch, low speed, brick break, and high jump kick.

What level will Lucario learn certain moves?

he learns bone rush at level 49.

What are Lucario' moves?

his moves from Lucario and the mystery of Mew are aura sphere and detect

All of Lucario's moves? you can find all lucario moves

What Pokemon type is most effective against Lucario?

Lucario- Fighting and Steel type. Lucario can learn moves of every type except for Grass and Flying type moves. However, Lucario's most powerful moves are Fighting Type so it is good to use Flying, Ghost, Poison, Psychic or Bug Types. As for what moves you should use, Fire, Fighting and Ground Type moves are all super effective.

Can Lucario learn water moves?

yes in heartgold ang soulsilver TM 3 water pulse

When does flygon learn earthquake and outrage?

Flygon doesn't naturally learn either of those moves.

How cool is Lucario?

lucario is amazing, especially if it has good moves taught to it.

Can Lucario learn outrage?

No, the only Dragon type move Lucario can learn is Dragon Pulse.

Here is your Lucario lv42 nows all fight moves is he good?

Not really. The best moveset for a Lucario uses different types of moves, not just Fighting moves.

What are the best moves for a fully evolved Lucario on Pokemon platinum?

force palm,aura sphere,sesmic toss (if able to learn) and close combat (if able to learn)

Can Lucario use dig?

Yes, Lucario is able to learn Dig. It can learn it through the use of the Dig TM.

Can Lucario learn flamethrower?

Sadly No... I wish it could! The only Fire type move Lucario can learn is Sunny day.

Are these good moves for my Lucario it is level 58 and its moves are dragon pulse aura sphere dark pulse psychic?

yes there the same moves that cyntha the elite four champions lucario knows

How does Lucario use aura?

It is one of his moves.

What are Lucario's strongest moves?

Aura Storm

What moves will Palkia naturally learn?

spacial rend,aura sphere,earth power,slash.

When does Lucario learn dragon pulse?

Lucario learns Dragon Pulse at level 47.

Is togekiss a good Pokemon?

togekiss cannot learn any moves naturally, it can only learn with heart scale(move tutor), it can learn extremespeed, air slash, sky attack and aura sphere, but it is a terrific HM slave, and can learn a variety of moves

Can Lucario learn finaljudgement and how?

he can't.

What level does Lucario learn extreme speed at?

Lucario learns extreme speed at start. Lucario is an Aura Pokemon, and can also learn close combat, metal claw, aura sphere, and brick break.

What element does Lucario have?

Its i a fighting steel type and can use fighting moves and steel moves.

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