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What movie and television projects has Aash Aaron been in?


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March 26, 2014 2:02AM

Aash Aaron has: Played Police Officer 1 in "Neighbours" in 1985. Played Screaming Sailor in "Round the Twist" in 1989. Played The Naughty Video Editor in "Chances" in 1991. Played Young Constable in "Phoenix" in 1992. Played The Bully in "Bony" in 1992. Played Freddy in "Academy" in 1992. Played Auditioning Actor in "Flynn" in 1993. Played Drunk Dutchman in "Snowy" in 1993. Played Prison Guard 3 in "Time Trax" in 1993. Played Jail Cop in "Paradise Beach" in 1993. Played Rifleman in "In Pursuit of Honor" in 1995. Played Line Dancing Cowboy in "Kansas" in 1995. Played Police Marksman 2 in "Mr. Reliable" in 1996. Played The Removalist in "Pacific Drive" in 1996. Played MVA Dad in "Medivac" in 1996. Played Severn in "Roar" in 1997. Played Terron Leader in "BeastMaster" in 1999. Played Soda Delivery Man in "Stepsister from Planet Weird" in 2000. Played Miles in "Barbara Wood: Traumzeit" in 2001. Played Striker in "Swimming Upstream" in 2003. Played Cop 1 in "Through My Eyes" in 2004. Played Communications commander in "The Dark Lurking" in 2009. Played Detective Al Stewart in "I.C.U." in 2009. Played Kersey in "Loyalty" in 2011. Played Martin Dent in "Agent Provocateur" in 2012. Played Crusher Williams in "Ladykiller" in 2014. Played Mr. Wisez in "Haunted: 333" in 2014.