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What movie and television projects has Adrienne Ames been in?


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March 26, 2014 1:39AM

Adrienne Ames has: Played Undetermined Role in "Sally" in 1929. Played Unhappy Divorcee in "The Road to Reno" in 1931. Played Bit in "Working Girls" in 1931. Played Anne - Party Girl in "Girls About Town" in 1931. Played Ruby Wintryingham in "24 Hours" in 1931. Played Claire Kinkaid in "Sinners in the Sun" in 1932. Played Vera Marsh in "Guilty as Hell" in 1932. Played Minor Role in "Merrily We Go to Hell" in 1932. Played Marcia Lane in "The Death Kiss" in 1932. Played Jean Mars in "Two Kinds of Women" in 1932. Played herself in "Hollywood on Parade No. B-5" in 1933. Played Ruth Knowles in "The Avenger" in 1933. Played Joan Burt in "From Hell to Heaven" in 1933. Played Paulette in "A Bedtime Story" in 1933. Played Aileen in "Broadway Bad" in 1933. Played Jane McDowell in "Harmony Lane" in 1935. Played Betty in "Woman Wanted" in 1935. Played herself in "La Fiesta de Santa Barbara" in 1935. Played Adele Michel in "Ladies Love Danger" in 1935. Played Mrs. Millicent Caldwell Bath in "Black Sheep" in 1935. Played Therese Alder in "Abdul the Damned" in 1935. Played Kay Parrish in "Gigolette" in 1935. Played Vivian Ross in "City Girl" in 1938. Played Eileen Baker in "Fugitives for a Night" in 1938. Played Lia Maing in "Panama Patrol" in 1939. Played Susan in "The Zero Hour" in 1939. Played Lola Estermonte in "I Take This Woman" in 1940. Played herself in "Screen Snapshots Series 19, No. 5: Art and Artists" in 1940.