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What movie and television projects has Bridgette Andersen been in?


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March 26, 2014 1:41AM

Bridgette Andersen has: Played Jane Ashley in "Fantasy Island" in 1977. Played Mae - age 7 in "Mae West" in 1982. Played Young Mallory in "Family Ties" in 1982. Played Guest Interviewee in "Faerie Tale Theatre" in 1982. Played Angel Gallen in "Remington Steele" in 1982. Played Jenny in "Washington Mistress" in 1982. Played Gretel in "Faerie Tale Theatre" in 1982. Played Abigail Marshall in "The Mississippi" in 1982. Played Savannah in "Savannah Smiles" in 1982. Played Lindsay Pomeroy in "Hotel" in 1983. Played Celia in "Gun Shy" in 1983. Played Brooke Houston (segment "Night of the Rat") in "Nightmares" in 1983. Played Alison Lattimer in "The Return of Marcus Welby, M.D." in 1984. Played Amy in "Fever Pitch" in 1985. Played Charley in "The Golden Girls" in 1985. Played Jill in "A Summer to Remember" in 1985. Played Mary Grand in "The Parent Trap II" in 1986. Played Kate Petherton in "Between Two Women" in 1986. Played Susie in "Too Much" in 1987. Played Jamie in "CBS Summer Playhouse" in 1987. Played Drew in "Unhappily Ever After" in 1995.