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What movie and television projects has Estrella Antonio been in?


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March 26, 2014 1:45AM

Estrella Antonio has: Played Utusan in "Tatlong taong walang Diyos" in 1976. Performed in "Insiang" in 1976. Performed in "Ikaw ay akin" in 1978. Played Canteen in "Gumising ka... Maruja" in 1978. Played Chayong in "Ina, kapatid, anak" in 1979. Performed in "Jaguar" in 1979. Performed in "Caught in the Act" in 1981. Performed in "Galawgaw" in 1982. Performed in "Summer Holiday" in 1983. Performed in "Pepe en Pilar" in 1983. Played Belen in "Kaya kong abutin ang langit" in 1984. Performed in "Experience" in 1984. Played Ganets in "Bagets 2" in 1984. Played Abortionist in "Bulaklak sa City Jail" in 1984. Played Hilot in "I Love You Mama, I Love You Papa" in 1986. Played Vietnamese mother in "Behind Enemy Lines" in 1986. Performed in "Pasan ko ang daigdig" in 1987. Played Mayordoma in "Tamis ng unang halik" in 1989. Performed in "Sinungaling mong puso" in 1992. Performed in "Guwapings dos" in 1993. Played Manang in "Sa ngalan ng pag-ibig" in 1995. Played Grasing in "Taguan" in 1996. Performed in "Kailanman" in 1996. Played Letty in "Ikaw pa rin ang iibigin" in 1998. Played Vangie in "Mahal kita, walang iwanan" in 2000.