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What movie and television projects has Leona Anderson been in?


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March 26, 2014 1:42AM

Leona Anderson has: Played The Wife in "Suppressed Evidence" in 1915. Played The Singer in "Her Realization" in 1915. Played Frances Warfield in "The Shanty at Trembling Hill" in 1915. Played A New Lady in Snakeville in "A Horse of Another Color" in 1915. Played Filet de Sole in "Mud and Sand" in 1922. Played Mrs. DeCourcey in "Ashes" in 1922. Played Leona in "Johnny Gunman" in 1957. Played herself in "Tonight Starring Jack Paar" in 1957. Played Mrs. Slydes in "House on Haunted Hill" in 1959. Played herself in "The New Steve Allen Show" in 1961.