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What movie and television projects has Murielle Arden been in?


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March 26, 2014 1:47AM

Murielle Arden has: Played Eva in "Spin the Bottle" in 1999. Played Elodi Colbert in "The Sopranos" in 1999. Played Maggie in "The Last Supper" in 2000. Played Heidi in "Perfume" in 2001. Played Isabel in "Someone Like You..." in 2001. Played Claudette Chadoutard in "Jump Tomorrow" in 2001. Played Other Woman in "Unfaithful" in 2002. Played Wife in "Infidel" in 2002. Played Hostess in "Freshening Up" in 2002. Played Valerie in "Rubout" in 2003. Played Attractive Woman in "Color of a Doubt: An Urban Fable" in 2005.