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What movie has the best special effects?


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Currently Avatar and The Lord of the Rings (Including the Hobbit) are the most advanced films in visual special effects. Both produced by WETA studio.


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There is no specific answer for that.

The special effects that were used in the movie Grease were created by computer. One of the special effects was the Teen Angel's aura.

The special effects corrdinator makes the special effects for the movie and also makes it more interesting for the audience

I think that the 2005 version of King Kong is the best because of the special effects and storyline.

Several movie maker programs on PC's and Mac's offer special effects.

Yes, the movie Matilda has special effects. How else would they have made objects fly around the room?

the first movie ever made using special effects was called Execution of Mary, Queen of Scotts. Made in 1895.

A special effects technician may do a lot of things on a movie or TV set. They are in charge of helping make sure all the sounds and special effects are available and ready for the movie or TV show.

Almost every movie has some kind of special effect in it.

There are many kinds of special effects software which specialize in different areas. Dragonframe is best for stop-motion animation, while Adobe Premiere is best for editing and simple effects. Adobe After Effects is a popular professional tool for special effects in general.

there are a lot of categories, for example: best movie best actress best special effects best actor go to the official site "golden globe awards" to find out all of them

Movie special effects refer to work done through a computer after the film is made. For instance in Avatar they shot the entire movie in front of a green screen and then used special effects to add in the scenery and creatures.

Jobs in movie making like acting if you are lead role. Other departments in movie and advertising industry such as graphics, photography and special effects.

according to it was Special Effects by Bart Barber .... special effects technician James Bomalick .... special effects technician Kenneth Bosse .... special effects technician Terry Chapman .... special effects technician Charles Cooley .... special effects technician Paul Deely .... special effects technician Ronald D. Goldstein .... special effects technician Tonja Hill .... special effects technician Xavier Horan .... sound editor Masami Kobayashi .... special effects: Tokyo Javier Lomeli .... special effects technician Steve Luport .... special effects technician William P. McGinley .... special effects technician Stephanie McKinnon .... special effects assistant Bruce Minkus .... special effects rigging foreman Jeff Pepiot .... special effects technician Richard Ratliff .... special effects technician Edward T. Reiff Jr. .... special effects technician William H. Schirmer .... special effects set supervisor Natalia Senina .... special effects assistant Bob Stoker .... special effects set supervisor Lucinda Strub .... special effects general foreman Matt Sweeney .... special effects supervisor Paul Vigil .... special effects technician

No. Premier is an editing program where After effects is a special effects program. When used together they go hand in hand. If you plan on sending lightning through someone: After effects. If you plan on making a simple movie with basic color correction: Premier. If you plan on making a movie with awesome special effects: Both.

The first Oscar award for Special Effects was presented for Cleopatra (1963). The name of the award was later changed to Special Visual Effects and currently Visual Effects.

I think to much speicial effect can substract from a movie

He did play both characters - they used digital special effects. That movie had such sweet special effects, especially in 3-d!

the computer made special effects are called CGI (computer generated imaginery) and the traditional optical or mechanical special effects are called special effects

Movie from 1998 won 3 Oscars: - Best Effects, Visual Effects - Best Effects, Sound Effects Editing - Best Film Editing

No, like any movie they are special effects.

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