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Q: What movies did john Wayne and bing Crosby star in?
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Did john Wayne play golf?

Supposedly. Better-known cinematic golfers include Bob Hope ( Desert Classic) named in his honor- and Bing Crosby.

How many movies has John Wayne been in?

John Wayne has appeared in more than 250 movies

What nationality was bing Crosby?

Bing Crosby was born in Tacoma Washington. Both his parents were also born in the US. That makes him at least as much of an American than John McCain, who was born outside of the US.

What Movie with Marilyn Monroe and John Wayne?

No John Wayne never was in a movies with Marilyn monrol

Do you prefer John Wayne movies or Monty Python movies?

Monty Python movies

Does John Wayne die in Mc Q?

No. McQ is not one of the eight movies that John Wayne died in.

Did John Wayne Play Abraham Lincoln?

John Wayne did not play Abraham Lincoln. See the link below for a complete list of John Wayne movies.

What actor wore toupee in his last fifty movies?

I do not know for sure, but that sounds like Bing Crosby, who wore a toupeé almost from the days of his earliest successes, and made a great many movies back in those days when Hollywood was a nonstop movie factory.

When were most John Wayne movies produced?

In Hollywood

What is the top selling music single of all time?

It maybe bing Crosby white Christmas or elton john candle in the wind

Why did John Wayne make movies?

It was his job, and he enjoyed doing it.

What are the release dates for Oscar Presents The War Movies and John Wayne - 1977?

Oscar Presents The War Movies and John Wayne - 1977 was released on: USA: 27 November 1977