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Odysseus returns to the island of Ithaca to hear that his house was plagued with many suitors, demanding Penelope in marriage. Therefore, he disguises himself as a beggar, and enters the estate. He enters the hut of the swineherd, Eumaeus, one of the few honest servants left on his kingdom. He still has no idea who Odysseus is, and meanwhile Telemachus approaches. He, Odysseus' son, has been gone from Ithaca for a year, and came back when Athena warned him about the suitors. When they meet, Telemachus too has no idea who Odysseus is. When Athena reveals his identity, Telemachus and Odysseus weep and embrace each other.

After that, Telemachus, the swineherd and Odysseus meet Penelope, who embraces Telemachus Odysseus' old dog is the only one in the hall who recognizes him, and Penelope, after hearing the beggar has news about Odysseus, wants to learn more. During a late night chat between the two, Penelope orders Eurycleia to wash Odysseus' feet-a sign of respect-for the beggar had brought news that Odysseus was coming home now. However, Eurycleia recognizes Odysseus, and he quickly swears her to secrecy.

The next day, Penelope decides to test the suitors by handing them Odysseus' massive bow. Many try to string it, but not a single one can't. While this progresses, Odysseus has sneaked out and followed the swineherd and the cowherd. When he reveals his identity, both men embrace him, but he quickly tells him a plan he had thought of.

Odysseus enters the hall where the suitors are being attempted. The suitors complain, but Penelope allows him to test himself (Penelope still does not know his identity). The swineherd and cowherd removed Penelope and the maids from the hall, and previously Telemachus stripped the room of arms. For brevity, all four of them slay the suitors and kill the unfaithful servants. After that, Odysseus' identity is revealed Penelope. Suspecting a trick, she decides to test Odysseus.

I tried to be as concise as possible, I hope you got the important facts over this.

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Q: What must Odysseus do after he arrives home from his 20 year journey?
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What does Circe say Odysseus must do in order to reach home?

That first he must journey to the land of the dead, Hanes,and consult the prophet Tiresias.

What did the blind prophet Teiresias tell Odysseus?

Teiresias tell Odysseus many things about his journey home.The journey home will be tough for Odysseus because Poseidon still bears a grudge against Odysseus for blinding Polyphemus.When Odysseus reaches the isle of Thrinacia, he will find the Cattle of Helios.If Odysseus and his men touch the Cattle of Helios, Odysseus men will all die, and Odysseus will only return home in someone else's ship, with trouble at home. Circe later repeats this prediction.There will be many suitors in Ithaca, whom Odysseus must kill.Odysseus must make a journey with an oar until he reaches a place so far from the sea that people do not recognize the oar. There he shall set the oar as a shrine, and sacrifice to appease Poseidon.Odysseus will then die of old age, with a blessed kingdom.

What was Odysseus doing when Hermes arrived on the island or Calypso?

Odysseus was weeping on the shore of Calypso's island, feeling trapped and longing to return home. Hermes arrived to deliver Zeus's message that Odysseus must be allowed to leave the island and continue his journey back to Ithaca.

What happens before the beginning of the story?

Odysseus and his men fought and won the Trojan War with the Trojan Horse. The story is about their journey home and the quests they face, and challenges they must overcome.

In the book the Odyssey Why must Odysseus visit the house of Hades?

Odysseus must visit the house of Hades to consult the spirit of the blind prophet Tiresias, who can provide him with important advice on how to navigate his journey home. The visit to the underworld also allows Odysseus to encounter other spirits, including his deceased mother, which adds emotional depth to his quest.

What are the problems in the Odyssey?

The problems in the Odyssey are * Odysseus must struggle to return home after the Trojan war * Telemachus must struggle to become a man * Odysseus must struggle to reclaim his kingdom at home

What happen before the beginning of the story odyssey?

Odysseus and his men fought and won the Trojan War with the Trojan Horse. The story is about their journey home and the quests they face, and challenges they must overcome.

Why does Hercules pity Odysseus?

Hercules pities Odysseus because he sees that Odysseus must endure many trials and challenges on his long journey home. Hercules can relate to the hardships that Odysseus faces, as he too has experienced many struggles during his own labors. Hercules admires Odysseus's determination and resilience in the face of adversity.

What 3 things does Tiresias tell Odysseus he must do to get home?


Why must Odysseus return home?

He wanted to return home because his wife was still waiting for him.

How much of odysseyus story is revealed in the opening lines of the odyssey?

In the opening lines of "The Odyssey," we learn that Odysseus has been away from home for many years due to his involvement in the Trojan War. It also mentions that he is facing difficulties on his journey back to Ithaca where his wife, Penelope, is waiting for him. This sets the stage for the epic poem's central theme of Odysseus's journey home and the challenges he must overcome.

Why is Odysseus visiting the underworld?

Odysseus must talk to Tiresias, a dead prophet who will know how Odysseus can return safely home and appease the angry Poseidon. on the advice of Circe.