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Q: What must happen for an object to make sound?
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What must happen in order for sound waves to form?

Something must vibrate, to make the air (or whatever else the sound travels through) vibrate.

What must happen for a sound wave to form?


What must happen for an object to be in motion?

Gravity I guess :-)

For a sound wave to produce an echo it must?

It must reflect off the surface of an object

What must happen for you to see object?

you have to look around the area were the object mite have been at

What must happen for an object that is already moving to change its speed or direction?

a(n) unblanced force must act on the object

What best describes what must happen in order for a person to lift an object?

The force of gravity must be greater than the mass of the object

What must happen in order for a sound to be heard?

Something has to vibrate, and the sound waves have to travel to your ears.

What must happen for an astronaut to appear weightless?

He (or she) must float motionless and unattached to any object or cable.

To do work how must a force make an object move?

You apply a force to an object. The object must move in the same way as the applied force

What has to happen to sound wave before they can be transmitted by radiowaves?

The sound signal must firstly be changed into an electrical signal.

In an order for a stationary object to begin to movewhat must happen happen to the force that are acting up on it?

they must become unbalancedBy Eiman Ranafrom Faisalabad,Pakistan