What must happen to coal to become a diamond?

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Firstly, coal does not become diamond anywhere in nature. What follows is simply the answer to the question.
The carbon atoms have to be re-arranged into a new pattern. Coal (graphite) and diamond are of course both primarily carbon.
Graphite (coal) has the atoms arranged where they are connected on horizontal planes, but not on vertical planes (think of a stack of papers....the atoms are tightly linked in each sheet of paper, but the stack itself can easily be knocked over..this is why graphite is a lubricant, because these sheet easily slide around on each other).
Anyway, to change their atomic ordering into diamond requires high heat and high pressure. The heat breaks down the current bonds to free up the carbon atoms, and energize them to bond covalently (very tight atomic bond formed by sharing an electron) and the pressure helps the carbon atoms form in an ordered and tightly packed fashion...the result is the atoms are re-ordered into a pattern that looks like pyramids stacked together (each pyramid connected at four points with its neighboring pyramid), and it is now diamond.
My example is simplified, but hopefully it conveys the basic changes that must occur.
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How long does it take a piece of coal to become a diamond?

It takes extreme pressure and tens of thousands of years, but, yes, if the conditions are right, a diamond can result.. Coal and diamonds (and graphite too!) are all made from purely carbon atoms! They are just different forms of the same element! Pretty amazing, eh?!

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How are diamonds produced from coal to diamond?

Natural diamonds are produced very deep in the Earth, under great pressure and heat, and some are brought to the surface of the Earth. The carbon source is graphite rather than coal. They also take a long time to grow. Synthetic diamonds are grown in the 'lab' and thin films of diamond produc ( Full Answer )

Since diamonds began life as coal which is organic you teach that diamonds are thus organic and cannot be classified as minerals which by definition must be inorganic true?

It is a common misconception that the mineral diamond results from pressure and heat on coal. Diamond crystals form from naturally occurring carbon at depths greater than 100 miles, a depth that no sedimentary coal seams have ever reached. Additionally, all diamonds that are known to exist on the su ( Full Answer )

Are diamonds and coal the same material?

No. Diamonds are a pure form of carbon, one of its allotropes. Coalis a complex mixture of carbon, and such things as moisture,hydrocarbons, inorganic compounds and nitrogen and sulfurcompounds. The carbon content varies with where and how the coalwas formed, and tends to increase with age. The olde ( Full Answer )

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Directions on making coal into a diamond?

From Wikipedia: "Most natural diamonds are formed at high-pressure high-temperature conditions existing at depths of 140 to 190 kilometers (87 to 120 mi) in the Earth mantle. Carbon-containing minerals provide the carbon source, and the growth occurs over periods from 1 billion to 3.3 billion yea ( Full Answer )

Are diamonds only made from coal?

Diamonds are formed from carbon, which is also the base mineral of coal: written another way, both are allotropes -- elementary substances -- of carbon. The difference is in the arrangement of the carbon atoms, with diamonds being examples of an extremely rigid lattice.

What must happen for gaseous water to become liquid water?

It has to give up quite a lot of heat. A pound of steam carries 940 btu's of heat that has to be transferred out to end up with one pound of water at the same temperature. It only takes 180 btu's to raise water from 32 degrees Fahrenheit to 212 degrees.

Which is denser coal or diamond?

Diamonds have a density of 3.51gm/cm3. Coal has a bank density of approximately 1346 kg/m³ (84 lb/ft³).Bulk density typically runs to 833 kg/m³ (52 lb/ft³).

Coal is coal and diamond is diamond but coal is not a diamond?

Correct. Although they are based on the same element (carbon) they have vastly different structures and atomic arrangements, resulting in very different physical and chemical properties. Such forms are known chemically as allotropes .

Is there diamond in a coal mine?

No. Although both coal and diamonds are formed from carbon, their formation requirements are distinctly different.

What happens to coal?

It depends what your doing to the coal, e.g if your burning it. But if you left the coal it would just gradually decompose because its made out of carbon. Hope this helped.

Why does coal turn into diamonds?

Diamonds are not made of coal. Diamonds are made from carbon, which is also true of coal. Both are allotropes of carbon.

When will diamonds turn back to coal?

Diamonds are formed from the base element carbon, and so is coal. They are only related through their base element, and are not made from each other.

Is diamonds made of coal?

No. Diamonds and coal are both allotropes of carbon. Coal and diamonds are not made from one another.

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Why must you save coal?

It is a non-renewable source of energy. Which means that once it is used up it cannot be reused unlike renewable energy such as solar or wind energy which is constantly produced and will never run out. add . Coal is such a collection of complex hydrocarbons, that burning coal is quite analogous t ( Full Answer )

How did coal become coal?

coal become coal because when animals get buried in swamps years ago and when it is dug up now it became coal that is correct p;ants a long time ago are coal

Can you make a diamond from coal?

I cannot. It takes geologic time, heat, and pressure to metamorphose coal into diamond(s). The related link below will guide you through one of the moderately challenging methods of artificially producing diamonds from coal.

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Are diamonds and coal related?

Diamond is a pure form of carbon, one of its allotropes (the othersare graphite and buckminsterfullerene). Coal is a complex mixtureof carbon and organic compounds. The percentage of carbon dependson the age of the coal. (There is more in older coals likeanthracite.) The exact structure of the carbo ( Full Answer )

How can you turn coal into a diamond?

No, practically, and yes if you have a few million years to wait. To do this, ultra high heat and great pressure would be required deep within the earth's mantle, or an equivalent laboratory situation. First the coal matrix formation of the carbon atoms would break down, then the carbon would re ( Full Answer )

Is coal and-or diamonds man made?

No. They where here before humans. However, in the 1950s, industrial diamonds were first made by scientists in a lab, and today, you can commission or purchase a man-made diamond. Not so much with coal. It's still dug from the ground.

What are the differences between coal and diamond?

Besides the cost? They are formed in different ways. While both are based on carbon, coal contains many other materials. The greatest difference is the pattern in which the carbon atoms are linked in the crystal structure.

How are diamonds formed in coal?

Diamonds are not formed in coal: each is an allotrope of carbon and are formed by Mother Nature under entirely different circumstances.

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Is a diamond or coal a mineral?

Both diamond and coal are formed from the mineral carbon, each with a different molecular structure.

What are diamonds and coal used for in Africa?

Principally for export. Obviously a good deal of the coal is or was used within the country, but the main markets for gem and industrial diamonds are abroad, earning money for the country.

What is happening to coal?

coal is getting rapidly depleted and there is less amount of coal.it can affect our lives.so take care of it.

Are diamond and coal mined?

Yes. Both diamond and coal are mined. Diamonds are also found inriverbeds and at the mouths of rivers, as flowing water overvolcanic pipes that bring this material to the earth's surfacetumble them and deposit them there.

Is diamond mostly by coal in Minecraft?

No, diamonds are actually near the bedrock at the bottom of theworld. You can usually find diamonds in the lowest sections of themines. Actually you can find coal near the surface or on the sides ofmountains as well as deeper in the ground, pretty much every where.

Are coal and diamond elements are compound?

Diamonds are an allotrope of carbon, as is coal. An "Allotrope"implies a different bonding structure in coal than is in diamond.Carbon is the element common to both. Many people think of diamondsas coal that was compressed over millions of years and tonnes ofpressure generated from the earth's repea ( Full Answer )

How is diamond made out of coal?

Diamonds are not made from coal: both are allotropes of carbon and each possess a different molecular structure.

What must happen for an atom to become a new element?

An atom must gain or lose protons from its nucleus to become anatom of another element. The number of protons, and to a much lesser extent the number ofneutrons, will determine the chemical properties of an element.