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Q: What must you overcome first before you can move an object?
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What is an unbalned force?

An unbalanced force is a force that causes change in motion. A force must also overcome friction before an object will move.

What is momentum the measure of?

If an object is at rest it has inertia, which has to be overcome to make it move. When an object is moving in a straight line at a constant speed it has momentum, which must be overcome to slow or stop the object

What effect does friction have when you are trying to move an object at rest?

It provides static friction, so the object cannot move until the static friction is overcome.

How can a force cause something to move?

When the force is great enough to overcome the object's inertia.

What are two advantages of moving an object up a ramp instead of lifting it vertically?

Expending or using less energy to overcome gravity's pull to move the object,2) better leverage in moving it to a greater height and distance. But first you have to overcome friction using rollers,rope and pulleys...once it starts to move keep going.

What is the relationship between the strength of a force and its effect on an object?

Strength of force must overcome the weight of the object to cause it to move.

What force must you overcome to start an object moving?

Friction. Specifically, static friction. After the object begins to move, it will still be necessary to overcome rolling or sliding friction to keep it in motion.

What kind of force is required when an object is moved at rest?

To move an object that is at rest, you must overcome all other forces that are acting on the object, such as friction.

Does increasing friction make it easier to move an object?

no. No because we would need to overcome friction when moving, causing us to move slower.

Does applying a force always cause a change in position?

no... if a force is not great enough to overcome the static friction then the object will not move also if the force is directly perpendicular to the surface, provided its solid, the object is on it wont move

What is the force that causes things to move in space?

A force can cause an object to move if the amount of the force in the direction of movement is larger than the Frictional force of the object against the object on which it rests, and can overcome its Inertia.

You are both pulling the same object in opposite directions at first the object doesn't move then it does what are you when the objects move?

You are still a human being when the objects do and do not move.