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Q: What name did my Babu have as a younger Horse?
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What is the name for a baby horse?

A foal is the name for a baby horse of any gender, and you can specify it by saying filly, which is a female horse younger than 4 or 5, or a colt, a male horse younger than 4 or 5.

What is horse younger name?

A foal is the name for a horse that has not yet reached adulthood. A filly is a female baby horse. A colt is a male baby horse.

How did mr pink teach narahari babu a lesson?

Mr. pink made narahari babu experience a living fiction creature. he turned the race horse named Pegasus into a flying horse and made him fly with narahari babu on its back. this was a frightening experience for him.

What is a name of female horse?

If it is 4 or older it is a mare. If it is younger then four it is a filly.

What is the birth name of Nagendra Babu?

Nagendra Babu's birth name is Konidela, Nagendra Babu.

What is the birth name of Linga Babu?

Linga Babu's birth name is Golla Linga Babu.

What is a female horses immature name?

'Filly' is the name given to a female horse that is younger the 3 years of age.

What is the meaning of name SARATH BABU?

Sarath is the the name of a season Autumn Sarath comes from the Malayalam word which means, "Super boy." Babu a popular name in India kept by boy's and it means Brother. Chief. Prince. Master. Owner. ... The Arabic name Babu means - grandfather The Swahili name Babu means Ancestor, grandfather

Is a filly a horse younger than 4 months?

No, a filly is a female horse younger than 5 years.

What is the Swahili name for grandfather?


Where does crooks get his name?

He was kicked in the back, by a horse, in his younger years. So his back was not straight (his back was crooked)

What is the younger one of horse?

a foal

What is young for a horse?

Younger Then 5 years

What is a younger horse called?

Yearling or foal.

What is a filly and a colt?

Filly: A female horse aged 5 years old or younger. Colt: A male horse aged 5 years old or younger.

What female horse is younger than a year?

Female horses younger then a year are called Filly's

What name is given to a female horse aged four or under?

If it is 2 years or younger it is a philly. If its over 2 years it is a mare.

How old is a baby horse?

4 years or younger

Name of the artist of chhau dance?

Rajesh Sai Babu

What is the word for a female adult horse?

A female adult is a mare,and a younger female horse is a filly!

What nicknames does Linga Babu go by?

Linga Babu goes by Babu.

What is the birth name of Mohan Babu?

Mohan Babu's birth name is Bhaktavatsala Naidu.

What is the birth name of Rajendraprasad?

Rajendraprasad's birth name is Babu Rajendra Prasad Gadde.

What is the name of a Hindu gentleman?

A Hindu gentlemen is called a Babu. Theres also a 1984 Hindi film titled "Babu" starring Rajesh Khanna.

Who is the most popular actor among the younger generation in south India - mahesh babu or Surya or vijay or ajith?

I think it is Surya.