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When particles of one substance spread through another substance, that is called diffusion.

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What happens When a substance goes through the process of freezing?

ok, when a substance begins to freeze, it is because the particles of the substance lose energy and begin to move more and more slowly. eventually, these particles move slow enough to create bonds and voila, you have a frozen substance.

Colloids properties and uses?

A colloid is a homogeneous, noncrystalline substance consisting of particles of one substance dispersed through another substance. Some common colloids are gels, sols, and emulsions. Particles cannot be separated out by ordinary filtering or centrifuging and will not settle.

What is the movement of one substance through another substance called?

* diffusion - as in salt spreading through water by entropy* convection - as in active mixing* transport - as in sound or light passing through.it is called diffusionIts called diffusion! Like when salt particles mix with water particles when stirred together.

What happens to particles during the process of convection?

The particles move around from one place to another through the flow of thermal energy during convection.

What is the process in which particles of substances separate and spread evenly through a mixture is known as what?

A solution. A "solution" is not a process. The process of particles spreading evenly through a mixture is called dispersion or diffusion.

What is the process by which tiny particles can pass through the cell membrane?

Small particles can pass through the cell membrane by simple diffusion. If the particles are water, the process is given a special name: osmosis.

What is a process that spreads substances through a gas or liquid?

According to scientists, diffusion is responsible for spreading out of the particles of a gas or any substance such as liquid within a solution.

Does light have substance?

Not really, light is just particles that travel through space, a process called Radiation. Light is also Radiative Energy, which is energy that radiates.

How do endocytosis and exocytosis differ?

Exocytosis is the process by which a substance us released through the cell through a vesicle that transports the substance to the cell surface and then fuses with the membrane to let the substance out of the cell. Endocytosis is the process by which cells ingest external fluid, macro-molecules, and large particles, including other cells. In shorter terms Exocytosis releases fluids while Endocytosis takes in fluids.

What is the term use for when particles leave the cell?

When particles leave the cell is is either through a passive process such as diffusion or an active process called exocytosis.

How do large particles exit the cell?

Through a process called Exocytosis. :)

What Particles that are too large to pass through the cell membrane can get into a cell by process called?

particles that are too large my be sugars. the process that they get into the cell is called flaccidity.

Is jello a liquid a solid or gas?

Jell-O is a colloid, consisting of large molecules or ultramicroscopic particles of one substance dispersed through a second substance. In this case it is a solid dispersed in another solid.

What is a solid inorganic substance with a crystalline structure that is formed through geological processes?

Such a substance is a mineral, through the process does not have to be geologic; it simply has to be natural.

How do black mussels feed?

Mussels feed on such things as: plankton, remains of animals and plants, and bacteria. Mussels feed in a process known as siphoning. There is an opening in their body called a siphon in which water and microscopic particles flow through. The gills secrete a thick substance that traps the particles inside during this process, as food.

What factor affect the diffusion of different substances through a membrane?

The diffusion of different substances through a membrane depends on the size of the particles of the substance. The smaller the particles, the higher the rate of diffusion.

What happens to the particles in a substance when they get hot?

In a solid, the particles start to vibrate a lot.In a liquid, the particles begin to move around faster and faster.In a gas, the particles move extremely fast through the air.

What substance moves across a cell membrane through the process of osmosis?

Water moves across the cell membrane through the process of osmosis.

How does the ear hear sound through a wall?

your ear hears sounds through a wall because of basic physics. when a noise is made, the air particles move. the particles then transfer the engery they received onto another particle. this process continues till you can hear the sound (till the particles reach your ear) you can hear though a wall because the particles in the wall absorb the motion and transfer that motion onto other particles passing the sound through.

What is cell equilibrium?

Occurs when molecules of one substance is spread evenly through out another substance

How does the smell of perfume spray reaches to every corner of room?

perfume can be smelled because it is volatile substance(substances that change into vapour state easily at room temperature). The particles of perfume get mixed with particles of air through process of diffusion and spread in room and we can smell it

Diffusion is the movement of a sustance?

Diffusion is the movement of particles in a substance through a semi permeable membrane. Osmosis is similar but only involves water particles passing through a semi permeable membrane.

Why filtering can trap undissolved particles?

Filtering can trap undissolved particles because the material used has very tiny holes that no substance can get through therefore it holds it whilst liquid poors through.

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