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Q: What name was given to the first generation Japanese immigrants?
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What as the name given the first generation Japanese in the US prior to world war 2?

"Issei" .

Name given to the first generation computer?

Machine Language (Vaccum Tube)

These immigrants were given a chance by george ogelthorpe?

The immigrants were the hacogepachi's

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immigrants Type the possessive form of the given noun?

All of the immigrants' documents are reviewed at the border.

What was the name given to the first Japanese in the US prior to world war 2?

"Issei" .

Why would immigrants love to come to Canada?

Because Canada welcomes people as Canadians. Unlike other countries once you get Canadian status you are Canadian, with all the rights given to Canadians who have been here generations.You will even be called First Generation Canadian by older Canadians. Other First Generation Canadians will call you immigrant but you will be Canadian. You can even run for office and become our Prime Minister. Try that in any other country!

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Our population.

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The last name comes first. If your name was John Smith, then it would be Smith John in Japan.

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When Japanese lords overthrew the Shogun the power was given to the emperor.

What did Ellis Island do for immigrants?

Ellis Island was where immigrants were given medical and mental exams. Those that failed were sent back to Europe.